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Former MLB Star Jose Canseco Launches Bizarre Tirade About Sexual Assault

If you don’t have anything insightful to add to the conversation, then the best advice would be to take a pass from participating. Unfortunately, those words of wisdom get dismissed far too often in today’s day and age, as our always-connected world leads people to share their thoughts with abandon.

That’s all fine, well, and good when we’re talking about stuff that really doesn’t move the needle in the grand scheme of things, but it remains an incredibly poor choice to stick your nose into topics that you really shouldn’t be touching with a ten-foot pole.

In recent times, the topic of sexual misconduct is just about everywhere you look. It seems like a new scandal is breaking every other day, and it’s quite clear that there’s a major movement afoot to rid society of predatory behavior once and for all.

Whether that will ultimately happen or not remains to be seen, but a countless number of powerful men have been called on the carpet to answer for their actions. To say that tensions are high would be an understatement, and there’s absolutely no need for anyone to be stirring the pot even further.

As the New York Post shares, it appears that former MLB player Jose Canseco feels that there is a gigantic need for that to happen. Absent that, it’s pretty tough to explain why he felt the need to go into a bizarre tangent about sexual assault on social media.

Canseco’s words were anything but wise, and he has been rightfully taken to task for his incredibly strange assertions.

“What is going on with all these politicians molesting women. I’ve been molested by several women and never complained,” he shared in one post.

“Well I mean I’ve been beaten by women taken advantage of by women and molested by women. I never complain but it was kind of a turn-on,” Canseco shared.

“I see the difference I guess cuz I was a good-looking guy and these politicians look like a bag of boogers,” he added.

“These women complaining against sexual misconduct are just racist against ugly men,” read another of his gems.

During his career, Canseco played two stints with the Oakland A’s. The club felt the need to distance itself from their former player's controversial posts.

“We were disappointed to learn of Mr. Canseco’s statements,” a statement from the A’s read in part. “Mr. Canseco is not an employee of the Athletics and his statements do not reflect the values of our organization or those of our most trusted partners.”

Canseco had a rather cushy gig with NBC Sports California last year, but it doesn’t sound like the network wants anything to do with him at this point.

“Jose Canseco is no longer an employee with NBC Sports California,” the networks noted in a release. “His agreement with us ended after the 2017 season. We certainly don't agree with his comments, which do not reflect the values of our network or our team partner.”

There’s no telling why Canseco felt the need to share what he shared, but it should serve as a reminder for just about everyone in this big old world of ours to think before you post. The thing that you save may be your own reputation.

Source: New York Post, Daily Mail
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube, Jose Canseco/Twitter

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