Florida Man Loses Bet, Sets NFL Jersey On Fire…While Still Wearing It

A gambler and sports fan has taken a friendly bet too far during a gathering with his family. The gambler in question, a 27-year-old man from Vero Beach, Florida, had to be rushed to hospital after he lost a bet and set his own shirt on fire.

The incident occurred while the unnamed man was watching television with his family.

According to Fox News, the man and his family were watching a National Football League (NFL) game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. As the game neared its end, the unidentified man decided to make a bet with his wife, telling her that he would light his jersey on fire if his favorite team – the Dallas Cowboys – lost the game.

As part of the bet, the man’s wife agreed that she would do the same if the Green Bay Packers lost the game.

When the Dallas Cowboys lost the game, the 27-year-old man – true to his word – lit his jersey on fire. However, things took a turn for the worse when the inebriated man decided to wear the jersey while it was still aflame.

The flammable material quickly turned the shirt into a blazing garment and the unnamed sports fan began screaming in pain from several severe burns. The fiery jersey was especially painful on the man’s arm and back.

Other concerned family members quickly called 9-11 and told the dispatcher about the bizarre incident. According to Sebastian Daily, the 9-11 call was received shortly after 9:00 p.m. by the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

Not long afterward, an ambulance transported the unnamed man to Indian River Medical Center, where he was treated for second and third-degree burns.

While the reckless husband was being treated, his wife gave a statement to officers from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. A witness also spoke to Sebastian Daily about the horrific scene. “He was set on fire after losing a bet on the Cowboys game,” they said. “Skin was hanging off his arm and back.”

When police asked him why he had put on the Dallas Cowboys jersey while it was on fire, the unnamed man repeatedly told the cops that he had “only done it because I was drunk.”

Unsurprisingly, the story has triggered shock and pity from online commenters and social media users. “Looks to me like he needs alcohol treatment,” wrote ‘stinkydogs2’ on Fox News. “Now he will have a pain killer addition also, so sad, and they have an excuse for all of it. Personal responsibility is gone.”

Many online commenters tried to relate the shocking incident to another topical subject in the NFL: players kneeling during the national anthem. One Fox commenter, ‘LetsBeHonestWithOurselves’ penned a lengthy critique of Colin Kaepernick and the NFL, but barely mentioned the incident in question.

“You can't fix stupid...and that goes double for the NFL itself,” wrote the angry commenter. “I haven't watched any 'foolsball' since ketchup pandered to his radical girlfriend and 'took a knee'. I sure would hope he is making good use of his time to support his cause....helping urban youth, but instead, I heard instead...he's NOW willing to stand...if someone would cave and GIVE him a job. I pity the fool team who is dumb enough to take on that high-maintenance fool.”

Source: Fox News
Photos: YouTube, Timothy Salyers/Facebook,

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