Fireman Rushes To Help With Medical Emergency, Realizes Patient Is His Own Father

A firefighter was part of an emergency team responding to a call about a man who had a heart attack in a grocery store. The fireman rushed in and was helping to transport the man, who was wearing a CPR mask. The firefighter realized that there was something familiar about the man, and when he removed the mask he confirmed his suspicions. The patient was his own father.

Michael Kiddy worked at the Valdese, North Carolina Food Lion and was busy stocking shelves. The 60-year-old man's heart stopped beating and he keeled over.

Thankfully, James Crossno was in the store visiting a friend that day. The 18-year-old high school student was studying to be an Emergency Medical Technician and had been taking pre-EMT courses. He recently got his CPR certification.

Crossno jumped into action and began performing CPR on Kiddy, which kept the man's heart pumping until help arrived. Several nurses also happened to be at the store that day, and they assisted the teen.

Someone called 911, and shortly after Michael collapsed, emergency responders showed up. One of those responders was Steve Kiddy, a fireman who was focused on saving a life. When he got into the store, the man's face was covered with a CPR guard so he didn't get a look at the patient. He just helped get him on a stretcher and hurried him out of the store.

"My chief came up and asked me if I'm alright," Steve said, "and then it dawned on me to check and see who this person is."

That's when it hit Steve: the patient was his father.

Michael was rushed to Frye Hospital and arrived in critical condition. However, according to reports, it looks like the man is going to pull through. After 10 days in the hospital, he was sent home and is expected to make a full recovery.

"I don't think he really understands just what a miracle this is," Steve said.

Michael is grateful for all those who played a role in saving his life. "From the beginning all the way to the hospital. I mean I can't express how much I do appreciate it. Really."

"It's special because they say I was really, really gone," Michael adds, "And here I sit."

"The doctors said it didn't do any lasting damage," Steve said.

The son is particularly grateful to Crossno. "The CPR saved his life without a doubt," he said.

Crossno says he believes in God, and he believes he was in that store as part of God's plan that day.

Source: ABC 13, Fox 8
Photo: WBTV

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