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Felon With Two Eye Colors Becomes "Prison Bae", Lands Major Modeling Contract

It seems another handsome mugshot has taken social media by storm, and another one-time criminal has moved up in the world by landing a fashion modeling contract.

Only in America, the land of opportunity: A young man on a crime spree from North Carolina gets arrested for the fifth time in nine months, and instead of looking forward to a multiyear stint in prison, this most fortunate individual’s mugshot becomes an instant viral hit on social media and he is offered a lucrative modeling gig.

I mean, there’s “lucky” like buying a $2 scratch-off lottery ticket and winning $100, then there’s Mekhi Alante Lucky, the five-time felon with one blue eye and one brown eye from North Carolina who just signed with the modeling agency St. Claire Modeling (based in Atlanta).

A quick review of Lucky’s arrest record shows he was first arrested in April 2016 for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle. He was arrested five times in the next nine months, including for an alleged assault on a woman, a breaking and entering and resisting an officer and two misdemeanor violations of his parole, leading up to his arrest in December of 2016, the mugshot of which went viral, and sent Lucky on his upward trajectory.

Digging a little further into the story, it seems that Twitter account Wake Mugshots were the ones who actually discovered Lucky. At that point, the mugshot of the man with one blue eye and one brown eye exploded in popularity on social media.

Within hours, Lucky had been unofficially dubbed “Prison Bae”.

Note that St Claire introduced Lucky as a new model just last week, and he's already done a couple of fashion shoots arranged by the agency and has racked up 20,000 (mainly female) followers.

Medical experts explain that the condition of having irises with different colors is called heterochromia, and it impacts about 1% of people worldwide. However, it should be noted that certain populations have a much higher percentage of heterochromia.

For example, 20 percent of some Southeast Asian population groups are reported to have heterochromia.

As most of you are probably already aware, Lucky is not the first criminal whose good looks have translated into some degree of fame and fortune.

For example, back in 2014, a blue-eyed hunk named Jeremy Meeks was arrested in California on firearm charges and grand theft.

Much like Lucky, Meeks’ mugshot also went viral on social media and he became known as the “Hot Felon”. Meeks turned his moment of fame into a modeling career when he was released from prison in September 2016.

Meeks definitely parlayed his 15 minutes of fame into a lucrative gig. Not only does he have a decent-paying modeling gig, the Hot Felon is currently dating Chloe Green, the daughter of UK billionaire Sir Philip Green.

Moreover, based on all the pics of the power couple we see from the paparazzi these days, the two young lovers are apparently inseparable.

Source: Little Things, E!
Photo: YouTube

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