Father Shocked By Response He Received After Asking Home Depot Employees A Simple Question

When it comes to shopping at major retailers, customer service matters. And some Texas Home Depot employees recently showed that they exhibit the epitome of great customer service. The two employees went out of their way to make a special modification for a 2-year-old boy with special needs.

According to Fox News, Silus Johnson has a genetic disorder called Norrie Disease, which has left him blind and with low muscle tone. The Home Depot employees helped Silus find a custom solution for his walker which was too small for him.

They built him a special walker using PVC pipe and other materials free-of-charge.

“I used the foam around the edges to make it soft, rope to secure the seat,” employee Chris Wright told Fox News. “Reflective tape on it to kind of help it stand out if they're out in public or something so that way you can see him.”

Silus got his brand new walker last week.

"As soon as we put him in there, it was just really cool,” supervisor Eric Bindel. “He started feeling around on it. You could tell he was happy. He was excited, basically. He started laughing and then started using his little feet to push himself backwards. I had a big smile. Everybody had a big smile, maybe a couple little tears here and there.”

Silus’ mother, Jessica Johnson, said the new adjustments will help her son to become a little more independent.

“We need to recognize these gentlemen who put their heart and hard work into making this for my son,” she said.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Fox 4 Dallas

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