Father Rapes Daughter, Police Frozen After Finding This Inside Of Her

A man in Brisbane, Australia pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the death of his three-year-old daughter. The toddler was found dead in the dad's home four years ago, and reportedly suffered unimaginable abuse. The father's roommate at the time also pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Matthew Lee Williamson and Christopher Kent shared a home, and Kent had custody of his 3-year-old daughter, Kyhesha-Lee Joughin. The toddler was killed in 2013, and until recently, Williamson blamed his roommate.

According to Williamson, Kent fell on Kyhesha-Lee, causing the injuries that eventually killed her.

Kent admits to stepping on the child, but says it was an accident. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter last year, but painted a picture of the horrific abuses that went on in the home.

Kyhesha-Lee was reportedly kept alone in a room most of the day and was ignored by her father. The father would tie a rope to the doorknob to keep the door to the room shut. The little girl would spend countless hours alone in the filthy room, where she defecated and urinated on the floor.

According to Kent, Williamson was a drug user and neglected the baby girl. He also said he once found a photograph of the father and daughter. Both were unclothed, and Williamson's penis was draped over Kyhesha-Lee's shoulder.

Three days before her death, Kent admits he did fall on the child. Williamson didn't attempt to get the child any medical attention. The toddler's lips were turning blue and Kent told Williamson she might need medical attention.

“He didn’t give a sh-t,” Kent said. “He just wanted his coffee and smoke.”

Williamson later said he was afraid that if he reported the injuries, authorities would take Kyhesha-Lee away from him.

When the toddler died, her father was worried about hiding his bong before calling authorities.

"Your first thought that goes through your heard, when your daughter is on the ground, dead, is that the police might get you for having a bong?" the prosecutor asked.

"That's correct," Williams admitted.

Williamson was sentenced to nine years in jail.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Mad World News

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