Father Of A Little Girl Is Going After School For This

The parents of a young girl, a 6-year-old named Lanira, who was viciously attacked at school may be planning to file a lawsuit against the Henry County School District. According to a report from Fox 5, the local deputies who responded to the incident believe that the female student who attacked Lanira was almost twice the girl’s age and size.

Although Lanira’s physical injuries will heal in time, the young girl’s family are furious about the school’s response and are convinced that their daughter is still mentally traumatized from the event. In the day’s following the attack, Lanira clung to her mother at all times, hiding her bruised and cut face in the folds of her shirts or gowns.

While Lanira’s scars are healing fast, it’s the wounds you can’t see that are worrying Lanira’s parents. “There's been no sleep in last 72 hours for anybody because she's scared to go to the bathroom by herself,” said Jeremey Tackett – Lanira’s father.

Unsurprisingly, the attack on Lanira has also left the young girl’s sisters perturbed and frightened.

“Even my 4-year-old, who was excited to start school, she came to me and my wife, and said she doesn't want to go to school and get beat up,” said Mr. Tackett. “So, it's really affected the whole family.”

During the interview with Fox 5, Mr. Tackett mentioned the high likelihood of him and his family taking legal action against the school district.

“It's just justice for Lanira. It’s going to cost us a lot of money, counseling, family counseling. It’s going to be a lot of expenses,” said Mr. Tackett regretfully. “This isn’t something that's going to be over in a month or two. This is going to be something my family has to deal with probably for a while.”

Despite investigating the incident personally, Mr. Tackett still has no idea why his daughter was attacked by an 11-year-old student. Nevertheless, after perusing through the school’s safety manuals and diaries, Lanira’s mother and father have concluded that the Henry County School District, failed their daughter when she needed help the most.

“I just think, in the beginning, there could have been some things done to prevent the situation because there was an incident before the Friday all of this happened on the school bus,” she said.

In a similar story, the parents of an 8th-grade student from Yucaipa, California, have slammed their school district after their daughter confessed that she was getting bullied shortly before she committed suicide.

The girl in question, 13-year-old Rosalie Avila, was found dead in her room with a noose around her neck several days after opening up about being bullied. Before her suicide, Rosalie had been the victim of a year-long online bullying campaign.

Although it remains unclear why Rosalie was targeted, the Dailymail reports that the bully began when the young student was chosen as the star of an ‘ugly girl’ video that her classmates cruelly distributed amongst other class members.

In her suicide note, Rosalie seems to reference this video, apologizing to her parents for being an ugly daughter. “She had so much to give to this world. She was so wonderful,” said Rosalie’s dad Frankie. “She's going to be in my heart until the day that I die.”

Now, Rosalie’s parents are pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District.
Source: Fox 5
Photo: Fox 5

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