Father Hires Helicopter To Help Find Son Trapped In Off-Road Car Wreck

Parents can sometimes have apparent psychic insights into the condition of a child. In one recent case in point, the dad of a teen who more than a day trapped in a car wreck in the backcountry in Australia remarked that he was just following his intuition when he hired the helicopter that eventually located his son’s wrecked vehicle.

The 17-year-old son of the psychic dad, Samuel Lethbridge, is still in the hospital in serious condition with multiple fractures a couple of days later.

The father, Tony Lethbridge, said he thought his son may have been in a car wreck when he did not return on Sunday night to the family home at Lake Macquarie. He had been out on Saturday night with friends in Sydney, 80 miles to the south.

The father hired a helicopter on Monday morning to do some flybys of the area and the car was spotted in some scrub bushes off a highway 12 miles from home.

Emergency services cut the boy from the wreck 30 hours after the accident, the father said.

“Everybody was saying: He’s probably run away and all that kind of stuff. That’s just not Samuel,” Tony Lethbridge told Seven Network television.

The father recalled that a victim of an earlier crash in the area had died after not being found within five days. “I wasn’t going to let that happen,” he said.

Lee Mitchell, the helicopter pilot and part-owner of Skyline Aviation Group at Lake Macquarie, noted that he discounted his helicopter hire rate of 1,200 Australian dollars ($956) an hour when Lethbridge explained the situation.

“He came in looking anxious and somewhat fatigued and said he needed helicopter bad,” Mitchell described his meeting with Tony Lethbridge midmorning on Monday at the Port Macquarie airport.

Lethbridge told Mitchell that he had reported his son as a missing person and that he was seriously worried about a car accident near home.

“He just said: ”‘I’ve got A$1,000 ($797) on me, will that be enough?’ and he replied: ‘Yes, it would,'” Mitchell remarked

Mitchell noted that the helicopter took off within minutes with the boy’s uncle Michael Lethbridge aboard because the dad had bad air sickness.

The car was spotted within 15 minutes of flight, mere 20 yards off the main road, Mitchell noted in an interview.

“It was fairly easy to spot from the air. It would’ve been near impossible to see from the road because it was well below the road level,” Mitchell continued to note.

Uncle Michael Lethbridge was the first rescuer to the car.

“I really didn’t want to go. I was scared of what I’d find. As I got closer I seen Sam’s head move,” Michael Lethbridge remarked in a radio interview.

“I went from being terrified to ecstatic in a couple of seconds,” he explained with a big smile on his face.

Mitchell noted that he remained to hover overhead and saw the uncle signal that the boy was still alive.

“We were overwhelmed. It was a great outcome," Mitchell commented, "We’ve done a lot of search and rescue stuff in previous years and they don’t always turn out so favorably."

Source: NY Post
Photo: Fox News

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