A Father Allegedly Kills His Own Daughter For Slight Against Family's Honor

Parents can easily become concerned when their child chooses a mate that may not align with the family’s way of life. In a perfect world, the parents will get to know the child’s mate and realize their concerns are unfounded. In other cases, parents can dig their feet in the ground and drive a huge wedge between themselves and their own child. Then there are really extreme circumstances, like this one.

As the New York Post shares, Sami Karra, an Israeli Christian, has been accused of killing his own daughter, 17-year-old Henriette Karra. Why on Earth would he do something so unthinkable? It appears that his daughter had fallen in love with a Muslim man, and that was too much for him to come to terms with.

“In early June, Sami allegedly beat and threatened Henriette, telling her, 'I would spend my whole life in jail. I don’t care,' according to the Jerusalem Post. The frightened teen also filed a police report a week before her death saying her own mother had attacked her,” the Post reports. “Henriette texted a pal about being under attack, the Jerusalem Post reported. 'You won’t believe what they did to me… They are sending people to kill me,' one of her texts read.”

The longer the situation went on, the further the wedge grew. Henriette knew she was in danger.

“'They are searching for me in every possible place,' she wrote in another message. 'You don’t understand what fear this is. I don’t believe I have the strength to stand on my feet and run away.' In the days before she was killed, Henriette admitted to a relative that she planned to convert once her boyfriend got out of prison later that week,” the Post continues. “The relative told Sami, who then hatched the murderous plot, authorities believe. The teen was found dead in her parents’ kitchen in Ramle, Israel, with stab wounds to the neck.”

Sami was arrested and charged with slaying his own child. He has a lengthy rap sheet that includes charges for drug dealing, intimidation, and property violations. Sami’s attorneys, Shukri Abu Tabik and Giora Zilberstein, have denied the allegations leveled against their client.

“It’s no secret that the family had a bad relationship, so to speak, between the deceased and her family in light of the criticism her family had of her behavior,” the attorneys said. “This did not lead to murder and could not lead to murder. The complaints against [Henriette] were only to reunite the family.”

The girl’s mother has allegedly told police that her husband was ashamed by her daughter’s actions. Additionally, he believed that her actions was a slap in the face to the ‘family’s honor.’ Based on the man’s rap sheet, it sounds like he has managed to destroy the family’s ‘honor’ all by his lonesome.

We’ll have to wait and see how the investigation plays out in this twisted tale. It’s unfathomable to imagine that a father could kill his own child under any circumstances, let alone over their choice of a mate.

Source: New York Post, The Washington Post
Photo: Facebook, Arab Women in the Center

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