Fans Disturbed When They Realize What This Girl Was Doing In The Stands (Video)

Earlier this fall, a female LSU student was forcibly carried out of Tiger Stadium after vomiting on nearby students and kicking an officer. The police also found a small amount of marijuana in her pocket.

According to a police report, Baton Rouge officers were called to the stadium with a complaint about an LSU student.

The student, named Renuka Koritala, was vomiting on other students in North Section 227. When the police showed up, Koritala tried to run away. Officers caught up to her at a stairway, but she kicked one of the officers in his knee, resulting in a fall.

The report notes that after kicking the officer, the remaining cop had to put Koritala in a fireman's carry to try and take her out of the stadium without hurting anyone. After leaving the stands, Koritala managed to free her leg and kick the first officer again.

In a search of her person prior to her arrest, a pill vial containing marijuana and a pipe was found.

The clearly inebriated LSA student was taken to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and arrested on charges of possession of marijuana, resisting an officer, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Source: WAFB

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