Actor Accuses Conservative James Woods Of Going After Underage Girls- Instantly Regrets It

Some folks can be easily pulled down the rabbit hole of arguments that exist on social media. Outspoken actor James Woods falls into that category, as he’s not exactly shy about sharing his opinion. While the majority of celebs are liberals through and through, Woods is one of the very few that are unabashedly conservative - and proud of it. As AOL shares, he recently got into another argument on social media, and this one quickly went off the rails.

It all has to do with a new film starring Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet, which is being billed as a gay romantic drama.

“On Sunday evening, gay website Towleroad tweeted out a link to its coverage of an Entertainment Weekly post featuring Hammer reading five minutes of the Andre Aciman novel on which the film is based for a new audio book,” Aol shares. “The link prompted conservative gay author Chad Felix Green to reply to the tweet with a criticism of the film's subject matter. He posted: "24 year old man. 17 year old boy. Stop."

Woods got wind of that, and he would chime in later with his two cents.

"As they quietly chip away the last barriers of decency. #NAMBLA," he wrote.

The hashtag he used refers to a repulsive organization that advocates for pedophilia. Hammer got wind of what Woods had to say, and the gloves came off.

"Didn't you date a 19 year old when you were 60.......?” Hammer wrote.

Amber Tamblyn felt the need to get involved from that point, and she relayed a story of a previous encounter she had with Woods.

“James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once,” she wrote. “He wanted to take us to Vegas. ‘I’m 16’ I said. ‘Even better’ he said."

Woods ignored her at first, and he attempted to shift the conversation in another direction.

"If somebody has something of value to say, I always love to engage in a dialogue," he wrote.

"What makes a 24yo/17yo gay relationship inherently indecent but skeevy old guys trying to pick up a pair of 16 year old girls is okay?" another user chimed in.

"The first is illegal. The second is a lie," Woods responded.

The dustup was quite a sight to behold, as it had all the makings of a good old celebrity catfight. Allegations were being thrown around with abandon, and it became akin to watching one of those guilty pleasure shows that you’ll never admit to having seen before. Eventually, Woods gave it a rest and decided it was about time to sign off for the night.

"Somebody told me the libs are yelping. Troll traffic is up. I don't pay any attention really. I like Armie Hammer as an actor though. A lot," Woods wrote "Okay, now I want all my little trolls to put on their onesies and go to bed! Final word on this: I don't give a s*** what liberals think."

Source: AOL, Yahoo
Photo: YouTube

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