Every Parent Should Know Basic Zone Therapy To Soothe Crying Babies

There are so many things that can bother little babies, and they're just unable to understand why they feel so miserable. Babies come into this world and may have to deal with stuffy noses, tummy aches or teething pain, and they may have trouble coping with it.

The only outlet they know is crying, crying and more crying — something that can frazzle a parent's nerve and make both of you feel lousy.

Usually, reaching for medication is not the first choice of parents of newborns. But there is something you can do to help your little one relax and feel a bit better: zone therapy.

"Zone therapy' is actually a new name for an ancient treatment. It's previously been known as 'reflexology'. It's an alternative medicine technique that uses pressure points and massage on the feet and hands to help the body relax and stimulate healing.

Some skeptics think of reflexology as a pseudoscience, but hey — when did a relaxing touch ever hurt? You might want to try these reflexology techniques the next time your baby isn't feeling well.

To Soothe a Headache, Toothache or Sinus Pain

Go straight for the toes. The very center of each toe is great to help alleviate sinus pressure, but a toe rub on the tips or sides of the toes will help your baby when they're suffering from teething or headaches.

Chest Congestion

According to reflexology, rubbing the 'ball' or 'pad' of the foot — that fleshy part between the toes and the arch — is how to help loosen up congestion and alleviate coughing. Try massaging in a relaxing circular motion with gentle pressure.

Solar Plexus Stress and Pain

If your baby seems to be suffering from spasms in the upper stomach or he seems stressed, try pressing that single spot on the bottom center of the ball of the foot, just above the arch. There are nerves between the stomach and lungs that, according to zone therapy, are relaxed by putting pressure here.

Tummy Aches

A common problem from which all babies occasionally suffer are tummy aches. They may get gas, indigestion or heartburn. If this is the case, rub the lower part of the arch, just above the heel, to bring relief.

Minor Constipation Issues

Constipation can be a serious problem for little babies, so you should let your pediatrician know. But in addition, try massaging the pads of the baby’s big toes or thumbs. The gentle pressure and rubbing is believed to affect the small and large intestines, which may help your baby’s ‘get things moving’ as they should.

Pelvic Pains

If your baby is having growing pains in the hips or legs, as sometimes has with fast-growing infants, give the heel of the foot a nice rub. This is said to help relax the tension in the joints of the legs and hips.

Remember that alternative treatments should never take the place of a doctor's care. Many doctors are skeptical about the effectiveness of these treatments.  For non-serious issues when a baby won't settle down, a little foot rub might be just the thing.

After all, people have sworn by these kinds of remedies for centuries before modern medicine.

Source: Relieved Co
Photo: Shareably, YouTube

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