Elderly Woman Frustrated With Neighbor's Noisy Kids Fires Her Gun At Them

An 84-year-old woman from California landed herself in jail this week after she took the 'get off my lawn' cliché to a whole new level. The woman pulled out a gun and fired warning shots over the head of her neighbor's children because they were being noisy while playing outside.

Some are wondering whether the woman is more in need of medical care than a jail sentence.

Betty Frances Sanders, an 84-year-old woman in rural Northern California, was home with her husband on Friday and the couple grew tired of the noise coming from the neighbor's hard. They went to the fence to complain about the three kids, ages eight through 10, for riding their motorbikes all day and 'being noisy' in general.

Sanders got into an argument with the neighbors and the issue was unresolved. The elderly woman then pulled out her gun and fired shots in the general direction of the children, who were about 20 feet away from her.

Someone called 911 to report the incident.

Police arrived, and Mrs. Sanders was found with the gun in her home. After an interview, police arrested her on suspicion of assault with a firearm and child endangerment.

Another neighbor reported hearing the shots. A police report of the incident reads that the witness 'could hear the bullets going over her children's heads'.

Angela Rollins, the mother of the children, told police that she was in her front yard. Her children were in the back yard with her husband. Mrs. Sanders approached the fence dividing the properties to complain and the complaint escalated into an argument.

That’s when the elderly lady allegedly began waving her handgun and fired shots.

Mrs. Sanders was released after posting $50,000 bail. She's been given a court date in March. It’s unclear if Mrs. Sanders has a lawyer yet, but it’s likely that a mental screening will need to be done.

After the release of her mug shot, some on social media are wondering if the 84-year-old woman's decision to fire shots at children are a sign of some kind of mental deterioration.

On social media, the report cued a string of memes featuring old ladies, looking mean, toting big weapons.

Some are taking the opportunity to argue that the case is an example of why stricter gun laws are necessary. Advocates of the Second Amendment argue that the country is safer when responsible citizens are legally armed, but opponents of firearms say that even responsible people can do something irresponsible sometimes.

"Oh, but every one should have guns, no rules because of the second amendment!! Yeah, no. There should be rules and guidelines," said one sarcastic commenter on  the KTLA 5 Morning News Facebook page.

"Seems like anyone can get a gun. Even old senile ppl. It should be harder to get a gun. 84 yr old needs a full mental evaluation," noted one person.

"Time for this old lady to be put in a facility. Mental facility until she dies," said another.

"Hope she dies in prison. Seriously, there’s no place in society for people discharging firearms around people because they’re annoyed," read one particularly harsh comment.

Source: MailOnline, Raw Story
Photo: YouTube, MailOnline

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