Drivers Sickened When They See What Elderly Couple Put On Top Of Their Car

An elderly couple is in deep trouble after a driver shared an image of their car to social media.

The couple, from Queensland, Australia, has been slammed by animal rights organizations after photos emerged of the couple keeping their puppy in a cage on their car’s roof while speeding along a 110km/h highway. The photos were taken by other motorists on the Bruce Highway and many drivers have since taken to Facebook to express their concern for the pup.

The elderly couple, who remain unidentified, were driving a silver four-wheel-drive Toyota Prado and appeared nonchalant about their pet’s obvious distress. One witness Margie Popovic, spoke out in outrage after seeing “the three to four-month-old taking the full force of the wind" while the vehicle travelled for "well over an hour and a half."

Ms. Popovic followed the vehicle as it traversed between Maryborough, 255 kilometers north of Brisbane, and the town of Gin Gin.

In one photo, the southbound wind is so intense that the cage’s crate mat is blown up onto the back of the cage. "[The] second photo shows crate mat blown up and poor puppy in front of it taking the full force of the wind," wrote an outraged Ms. Popovic.

"The car was southbound so no idea how long the dog would have suffered," said Ms. Popovic. "This can not be legal ... we will see what the RSPCA will do about it."

In an interview with The Gympie Times, Ms. Popovic expanded on the information she provided in her Facebook post, adding: “I imagine (it was) terrified as it was subject to H’Way noise and over 100kph wind without shelter at all... what would this do to a human?...All up we observed this for about 115Ks over well an hour and a half.”

Ms. Popovic’s Facebook post was met with concern and outrage, with many users emphasizing their frustration at the elderly couple’s negligence. "Like why own a 4WD if you don’t possess a brain to make use of it," one Facebook user wrote.

"Horrible for his ears! He was probably deaf after the trip," another commented.

After the Facebook post went viral, a spokesperson for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) spoke to several media outlets, including HuffPost Australia and the Courier Mail, before releasing a statement on their Queensland Facebook page.

The statement urged witnesses to get in touch with them, reading: "Thank you to all concerned parties for sharing the incident seen on Facebook earlier this morning. This has been reported from a first party source and our RSPCA Qld Inspectors are currently investigating the matter further."

"If anyone has first hand information on other sightings please get in touch with us to help further this case.”

RSPCA also discouraged Facebook user from sharing details about the car’s registration. “Sharing the registration number can reduce our ability to prosecute to the full extent,” they wrote on Facebook.

If the elderly couple are identified and found guilty of failing to maintain the welfare of their pet, they could be hit with a $33,340 fine or up to one year of imprisonment.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: Facebook, Pet Rescue Report, Elf

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