Drunk Driver Shows Up Late, Crying To Court, Judge Teaches Her A Lesson She Won't Forget

When you find yourself in hot water and are going to court to face a judge, it's a good rule of thumb to not make the judge angry. This is especially true if you've been lucky enough to make a plea deal.

One woman in Florida infuriated the judge when she showed up hours late for court, then cried and begged to be let off early. The judge called off the plea deal and the woman is now facing trial.

Marilyn Aguilera of Miami-Dade, Florida was driving while intoxicated in April 2016 when she plowed into a baseball field during a little-league championship game. She hit Javier Perez while he was coaching his five-year-old son's team.

Perez, a 44-year-old high school principal, lost both legs as a result of the accident.

Police arrived and Aguilera's blood-alcohol level was found to be three times the legal limit. They also found an open beer in the vehicle. The 52-year-old mother was arrested for drunk driving.

For Perez, it's been a long, hard road to recovery. He had 20 surgeries, more than 100 transfusions, and he vows that one day he'll walk again on prosthetic limbs. He's become an inspiration.

Aguilera faced charges but caught a break when the state offered her a plea deal. Under the deal, she would be charged with three counts of DUI, serve four years in prison, one year of house arrest, and two years of probation.

Perez was behind the plea deal, noting that he had compassion for the woman who caused such upheaval in his life, and wanted closure for the incident.

On the court date, everyone showed up, including Perez, for the hearing in which the defendant was supposed to accept the deal. Aguilera didn't show up on time, however.

She walked in hours late, incoherent and on medication. She then proceeded to beg the judge in tears to be released early from prison.

Aguilera complained that her mother, who is in a wheelchair, needs her. "It's just, I'm more concerned about Mom, who is wheelchair-bound as well," said Aguilera.

"Well, it seems like there's many people that are now wheelchair-bound," the judge shot back.

The furious judge said she wasn't accepting the plea deal. She told Aguilera to 'act like a grown-up' and set a trial date for December. Now, the mom, who says she suffers from bipolar disorder, faces up to seven years.

Aguilera's new attorney (she fired her former attorney) says that she doesn't believe her client was deliberately late.

"I do not believe this was a delay tactic," said Ana Davide, "In retrospect, probably, I should have had her picked up at 6am by my investigator and brought to my office, but unfortunately, because of the lack of time, maybe I didn't do this correctly. Maybe it was too much for her emotionally."

Perez had no comment as he left the courtroom looking dismayed; it appears as though he isn’t going to be able to put the ordeal behind him just yet.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: WPLG, Miami-Dade Corrections, Local 10, WSVN 7News,

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