Doctors Didn't Believe Her When She Told Them What Was In Her- They Were Wrong

In history classes, or conversations about the past, people will often refer to the 'days of slavery' as though they were a thing of the past. Unfortunately, they're not really over.

Slavery is still alive and well, and even going on in developed countries right under our noses. Victims of slavery try to sound the alarm, but their stories are so horrific that it's hard to believe.

One doctor found some shocking proof of just how bad things can get, when a woman went to his office and asked him for help. The woman told the doctor, identified only by the initial 'A', that she was a victim of human trafficking, and that someone had embedded a tracking device in her arm.

Dr. A didn't actually believe her. He thought that he had a candidate for the psychiatric ward rather than a former slave on his hands.

Still, he examined her and discovered that she did, indeed, have a small cut on her arm.

Inside the cut there was a device. It was small, about the size of a grain of rice, but it had clearly been implanted in the woman's arm.

"Embedded in the right side of her flank is a small metallic object only a little bit larger than a grain of rice — but it’s there. It’s unequivocally there," he said.

"She has a tracker in her. And no one was speaking for like five seconds — and in a busy ER, that’s saying something."

The tracker was a radio frequency identification chip (RFID), something that many pet owners have implanted in their animals. If the animal were to get lost, the pet owner can call the tracking company, and they would use GPS technology to locate the lost animal.

It's horrifying to think that this same device could be used by oppressors to keep track of human slaves.

The doctor asked the woman how she ended up with the tracking device, and she told her that an old boyfriend had put it into her arm. She was young and living with the man, and he forced her into prostitution.

He made money by selling her out to other men.

Estimates currently say that more than 20 million people are victims of human trafficking in this modern day and age. Victims could be held in a normal-looking house next door to you, or in a local business.

Not all victims are sex slaves; some are used for free labor by unscrupulous individuals.

The biggest hope for finding trafficked human beings is in educating health care providers. Nearly 90 percent of people who are trafficked say that at one point or another, they had to be brought to a doctor or some health care facility.

If health care providers could be educated about the warning signs to look for, and ways to communicate with victims, it could potentially lead to rescues and save lives.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM, YouTube

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