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Doctors Brushed Man Off And Told Him He Had a Migraine, But It Turned Out to Be Eye Cancer

When a London man started suffering from headaches and throat infections, he went to the doctor for a check-up. He was told that it was nothing more than laryngitis, and that he must be suffering from migraines.

When his wife protested that she thought there was something more wrong with him, he was turned away. Finally, a specialist saw the man and diagnosed him with a rare eye cancer. The cancer treatments have left him horribly disfigured.

Danny Hunt kept being turned away from doctors and was told he had sore throats and migraine headaches. His wife insisted that her husband had a lump on the side of his face, but it was ignored. A specialist finally saw Mr. Hunt a year after he began complaining of the symptoms and found he had a tumor with 'spider legs'.

"'They said 'there's something not right - there's something at the back of your eye'," said his wife, Mandy.

"The bone underneath the brain has crumbled," specialists told him.

The specialist diagnosed the 58-year-old with the cancer. Hunt has since undergone multiple surgeries, and now has a hole in his head.

"He has had so many operations," Mandy explains. "Because there's no bone in his nose, everything comes out of his nose."

For two years now, Mr. Hunt has depended upon his son, Stephen, to help him clear out anything getting stuck in his nose after surgery, but there was only so much the young man could do.

Nurses weren't permitted to clean out the gaping eye socket during office visits, so bodily secretions have built up in Hunt's face and flooded into his lungs.

Radiotherapy has made matters worse, destroying Hunt's teeth. His palate had to be removed during surgery as well.

The man says he's now too embarrassed to leave the house. He also says his one-year-old granddaughter is terrified of him and screams when she sees him.

Doctors determined that Mr. Hunt is now too weak for facial reconstruction. In his 20's, Mr. Hunt suffered from tuberculosis. Just a year before being diagnosed with cancer, he had to have surgery on his heart and had part of his right lung removed due to lingering complications of the disease.

Mandy can't believe how things turned so quickly. "He was healthy, energetic. He used to work 16 hours a day," she said. "He just wanted to give his kids everything. He's such a hard worker. He loved his job."

"They expected him to die. They said, ‘you are lucky to be alive'. That's because so much was wrong with him," she added.

Because of this, doctors tried covering his face with a flap of skin from his back and used an artery in his leg to cover the hole in his face so that it could be moved to clean the wound. Now they’re just waiting.

Mr. Hunt is waiting for surgery to fix his face and to have new dentures and a new palate surgically implanted. His wife laments over the devastating ordeal. If he had been diagnosed earlier, perhaps things would have worked out better for him, but there is no way to know, and at this point it’s irrelevant.

"It's just heartbreaking when all this has come about," she said. "I can't believe what we have been through."

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Fox News, JFCC

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