Doctors Are Stumped as to Why Little Girls Has Ants Pulled from Her Eyes Daily

A young girl from India began experiencing terrible pain in her eyes. She went to her parents and told them it felt as if something was stuck in her eye socket. The parents checked and found a small ant in one of her eyes.

They removed it and thought that was the end of the problem, but it started happening on a daily basis. Health care providers can't figure out where all the ants are coming from.

The parents thought at first just one insect had gotten into the girl's eye, but it started to become an every-day occurrence. More and more dead ants were extracted from the 11-year-old girl's eyes. The parents took the child to the hospital for an examination.

A local doctor hasn't had much success in solving the mystery. He suggested that the ants crawled into the girl's ears and somehow made their way into her eye sockets. He pulled a few ants out and prescribed eyedrops to help the girl with the irritation.

The incident has persisted, and for the last 10 days in a row, the child, known only as Ashwini, has had more than 60 ants pulled from her eyes. Her doctor was baffled, and the girl has now been moved to a bigger hospital.

The family is hoping that someone will figure out what is going on.

No answers have come, so the religious family sought spiritual assistance. An astrologer told the mother and father that Ashwini has been afflicted by a curse from the 'Serpent God'.

When the god gets angry at someone, he may curse them with the 'naga dosha' (serpent curse).

The naga dosha isn't something you did in this lifetime; it's a curse at birth for your actions in a previous life that angered the wrathful deity. People may find themselves, and their future generations, cursed for committing blasphemy or mistreating women.

Having this curse, however, is not usually associated with ants crawling out of the eyes. It's supposed to cause delays in marriages, destroyed marriages, miscarriages and other such problems.

Astrologers are supposed to be able to 'diagnose' the curse based on a person's birth chart.

More likely, it's a rare medical condition. Another young girl in India recently had a similar condition; doctors couldn't figure out why ants kept crawling out of her ears.

Shreya Darji, a 12-year-old from western India, had giant ants crawling out of her ears every day, which also baffled doctors. They couldn’t' figure out where the ants were coming from, or how to make it stop.

The parents noticed the ant processions when the girl complained of itching and ear pain in both of her ears. Scans revealed large numbers of insects infesting her ear drum and ear canal. No matter how many hundreds of ants were removed, more kept coming.

“The girl’s case is very challenging for me, as I have never seen such a case, nor found it in medical history,” said Dr. Talsania, the doctor who treated the girl. “We don’t believe the ants are laying eggs inside the ear as we’ve not spotted a queen ant inside. We are completely perplexed.”

Source: Oddity Central
Photos: Science Blogs, Pinoy Scoop, Oddity Central, William Cho

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