Do You Have One Of These VHS Tapes? It Could Be Worth Thousands

If you need money to pay holiday expenses, you should look around to see if you have some VHS tapes collecting dust on a shelf or in your attic. Let’s hope you didn’t throw them out, as it seems there is an active market for many old VHS tapes.

Non-theatrical movie releases and re-releases tend to include adding or editing the film from the original, theatrical version. This means there are two or more versions for most movies today, and for some collectors, the original cut is worth a hefty price tag.

This means you can find listings on eBay for certain tapes that run up into the thousands of dollars. For example, the original Beauty and the Beast tape did not include the song “Human Again”; it was cut for space reasons, then re-added to the 2002 special edition. An original version of Beauty and the Beast is listed at $9,999.

Disney tapes in particular might be valuable to collectors for personal other reasons. Reddit user Reddit_Executive points out that the earliest Disney movie releases to the public have a special feature that enhances their value: “On the spines of some VHS (and BetaMax) tapes is a black diamond with Walt’s signature on it. This was Disney’s first attempt to market their videos to homes. Because of this, certain Disney collectors are convinced that these VHS tapes are worth something.”

Source: Your Nation News
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Might want to sell those old VHS tapes!

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