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Do You Drink Enough Water? Here Are 8 Signs That You Aren't

Water - it’s the key to life. And if you’re not getting enough of it, your body will surely let you know. Water helps you function at optimal levels, adjust your internal temperatures and enhances digestion.

Health Food House also reports that it rids your body of toxins and replenishes it with fluids to keep you from dehydrating.

Here’s are some of the key warning signs that you aren’t getting the amount of water you need.

Peeing Only A Few Times A Day

Those who drink enough water usually pee between six and seven times a day. If you’re going only two to three times a day, you might want to start drinking more.

Dry Skin

If you skin looks dry and sallow, you might need to drink some more water to brighten up your complexion and bring some moisture to your skin.


Not drinking enough water can cause rather annoying headaches

Dry Mouth

The lack of saliva can be caused by a lack of water in the body.

Weird Colored Urine

Your pee should be a light yellow color. If it’s neon yellow, you need more water. If it’s brownish, you DEFINITELY need more water.


Hungry even though you just ate? You might not be. You could just be thirsty.


Not having enough fluids in your body can also make you lightheaded.

Those are just some simple symptoms but having chronic dehydration can lead to some serious issues like urinary tract infections, premature aging, confusion and anxiety, increased cholesterol, constipation and heartburn.

Source: Healthy Food House
Photo: Healthy Food House

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