DNA Test Claims Woman Isn’t The Mother Of The Children She Gave Birth To - There’s Another Twist

The legal nightmare for Lydia Fairchild began when she separated from her children’s father, Jamie Townsend. This meant the whole family had to take DNA tests. Note that Fairchild was pregnant with her third child at the time.

The DNA results for her two children showed that Townsend was their father, but that Fairchild was not the mother. Fairchild said there was a mistake, but multiple DNA tests got the same results.

When you think it out, this means both children were switched at birth or Fairchild had kidnapped her babies. But that would be totally off the wall and not really feasible.

When Fairchild gave birth to her third child she was closely monitored at the hospital. But a DNA test showed she was not the mother.

However, it turned out Fairchild wasn’t alone. A woman named Karen Keegan was having much the same experience. DNA tests showed that her two adult sons that she knew she had birthed were not hers.

Finally pathologist Dr. Lynne Uhl figured out the medical mystery. It turns out Keegan and Fairchild were their own twins or chimeras. When Fairchild and Keegan were in their mom’s wombs, two embryos fused together to form one human. That’s why both “chimeric” women had the blood DNA of one person and the tissue DNA of another.

Uhl determined that Fairchild and Keegan had given birth to their children, and the children were born with the DNA of the two women’s long-lost twins.

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