Disturbing Testimony In Trial Of Harlem Man Accused Of "Torturing" His Girlfriend

The trial of a Harlem man who allegedly “tortured” his girlfriend has led to the jury viewing some disturbing video footage. The clip, shot by the defendant on his phone, shows his ex-girlfriend forced to walk naked down the street on a cold winter afternoon.

The Florida woman ended up in tears as she testified in the trial of her former lover, and you could hear gasps in the courtroom as attendees watched the footage.

“He grabbed my neck, and forced it really hard. I was losing breath,” the 24-year-old woman said under oath, claiming her ex, Jason Melo, “tortured” her for nearly two hours before he forced her outside naked and began filming with his phone.

“He was saying many things, like I’m a whore, I could kill you right now, I’m capable of anything,” the woman testified in court as Melo stared down.

The victim explained that Melo had threatened to kill her several times when he found explicit texts from other men on her phone. She also claims that Melo swung a stone Buddha statue at her like he was going to bash her head with it.

Moreover, the whole ugly incident occurred while the couple’s infant daughter was lying on a bed a few feet away.

According to the victim, Melo was determined to punish her: “He said, you know what, you’re gonna pay. You’re gonna get naked and you’re gonna go out on the street, and you’re gonna pay”.

In the video, which has now been taken down by Instagram, Melo can be seen walking behind the slender woman wearing calf boots and wrapped in a bath towel, down the street while he yells insults in Spanish.

Jurors in the trial were shown the two-minute video, and saw Melo reach out and yank the towel away, and the now-naked woman trying to hide between two parked cars and trying to cover herself.

“Pay, pay the price for your shame,” Melo says bitterly as the woman slowly works her way up the street in the January 2016 video. “You’re going to pay the price for being a whore. Since you’re a whore, you’re going to pay like a whore.”

“There, on the trash, exactly,” the angry boyfriend says as she stops by a few garbage cans. “Pose with your trash.”

The victim manages to find a dirty motorcycle cover as Melo continues to film, then the video ends.

Shockingly, the victim also testified that Melo even attempted to sell merchandise based on the humiliating video, including t-shirts and hats with quotes from him in the video.

One red cap read, “Let’s go, participa,” a phrase which Melo says in the video. The words on the cap wrap around the image of a poodle. The woman noted this image was intended to symbolize that she was a “b—ch.”

If convicted on the most serious charge of felony coercion, Melo faces up to seven years in New York state prison.

Source: New York Post
Photos: Steven Hirsch, Jason Melo, Local 10, Daily Mail

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