Disgraced Former ESPN Reporter Takes Aim At Colin Kaepernick In New Blog Post

Britt McHenry, former ESPN contributor who was axed in a massive network layoff, lashed out at Colin Kaepernick in a blog post. The former sports reporter complained about Kaepernick's 'taking a knee' during the national anthem during the 4th of July and for his criticism of the U.S. after tracing his roots back to Ghana.

Kaepernick, a former quarterback, had tweeted about his recent trip to Ghana, where he traced his roots. Instead of attending Independence Day celebrations in the U.S., and throwing back beers and hot dogs while watching fireworks, the football player went on a trip to his ancestral homeland to learn about it and do some charity work.

"How can we truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs? To find my independence I went home," he said.

According to McHenry, Kaepernick can't do "any good deed without bashing the United States of America."

She complained about "the litany of offensive statements and/or remarks [Kaepernick]'s made about law enforcement officers." She then blasted him for his Fourth of July tweet.

"Americans can celebrate the official birth of this nation because despite all its flaws, for one day, there’s a reminder of unity no matter how many efforts you make to dismantle it," the conservative wrote. "While you focus on your philanthropic efforts, which are admirable, perhaps you can also employ that same effort to go into a voting booth."

"I can 'truly celebrate' Independence Day because it’s a reminder of the brave men and women protecting our country. Critics will say that’s not what the holiday is about and to an extent they’re right," she added.

In the Tumblr post, McHenry launches into a story about her father, who had been deployed to Iraq for 9 months when she was 15 years old. She wrote about how her family struggled with the sacrifice and feared for his safety.

"Some service members have tweeted they fought for Kaepernick, myself, and anyone else to have freedom of speech. They would be right. But the people who do love and respect those service members can stick up for them, whether they ask for it or not," McHenry said.

She claims her respect "will never go to the athlete who takes a knee after losing his starting job."

It doesn't look as though Kaepernick is worried, as he has not responded to the blog.

McHenry also got into a bit of a Twitter spat with ESPN contributor John Feinstein, after he said that many people lost their jobs - some didn't deserve it, while others did. He counted McHenry among those that deserved it.

"I've seen you many times in person. Interesting you never voiced this," she wrote.

Feinstein tweeted back that he has no memory of ever seeing McHenry in person.

McHenry was among one of the people fired in widespread ESPN layoffs mostly due to a viral video that showed her harassing a tow truck worker. She was caught on film at the towing company, where she mocked the employee's job, education and appearance.

McHenry claims she was fired because she was openly conservative at the network.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

Kaepernick's message didn't sit well with her.

She upped her ante by writing a blog post about it.

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