Disabled Teenager Killed And Abused In Horror House With Adoptive Parents

The autopsy report for a 13-year-old disabled girl who was found dead in a grove of trees in North Carolina has revealed that the girl in question, Erica Parson, was suffering from malnourishment and broken bones before she was killed. With reference to the state of the skeletal remains, the autopsy report emphasizes that Erica could only have died in 2011.

However, Erica’s adoptive parents, Casey Parsons and Sandy Parsons, only notified the authorities that the 13-year-old girl was missing in 2013. During this interim period, Sandy and Casey continued to cash in the federal disability support benefits meant for Erica.

The initial investigation into the girl’s whereabouts was initiated after another relative to Erica told police that the disabled girl hadn’t been seen since December 2011. Following years of uncooperative behavior, Sandy Parson told authorities that his adoptive daughter’s remains were located near Chesterfield, South Carolina.

It remains unclear what prompted Parsons to begin working with the authorities after repeatedly denying any knowledge of Erica’s disappearance.

Following a high-profile investigation, Sandy and Casey Parsons were identified as the leading suspects in Erica’s death. However, absent the details in the autopsy report, police were only able to charge the pair with defrauding the welfare service.

Following a conviction, Sandy and Casey were sentenced to 8 and 10 years imprisonment respectively.

Since the autopsy report was released, the authorities are believed to be in the final stages of finalizing murder charges against Sandy and Casey Parsons. According to details in the autopsy report, Erica’s body showed signs of both long-term and short-term abuse.

Not only was the young girl suffering from malnourishment, medical examiners also discovered an array of fractures – healing at different rates and stages – in Erica’s vertebrae, ribs, upper right arm, jaw, and nose.

In a statement to local media outlets, the Chief Medical Examiner in Raleigh explained that Erica was killed by “homicidal violence of undetermined means.” Because of the state of decomposition and the sheer number of injuries present on Eric’s body, the Chief Medical Examiner was unable to provide more clarity.

Alongside the physical injuries, medical examiners also believe that Erica might have been suffering from sepsis, poisoning, or an untreated infection.

The autopsy report also listed a secondary series of abuse injuries that were apparent on Erica’s body. These injuries – which were supported by statements from Erica’s other family members – included belt marks, persistent choking, forced consumption of dog food, and blunt force trauma to the jaw.

A week before Erica disappeared, the girl’s adoptive siblings – who were not subjected to abuse – told investigators that Erica was “looking grey with sunken eyes, smelling bad with open, oozing cuts, very weak and complaining of not being able to breath.”

Online commenters have been sickened by the horrifying details about Erica. One Daily Mail user articulated the feelings of many other commenters, writing: “I feel physically sick after reading this article!"

"How does a person become so evil? Then somehow that evil person managed to find a partner that is just as evil?! I don't know what drives me to even read these articles... I know one thing for certain, the news has made me aware of how horrible humans can be."

The commenter concluded, "Rest in peace sweet Erica, you deserved so much better!”

“I want to see them get the death penalty,” said Erica's biological aunt, Teresa Goodman, during an interview with WSOC-TV. “That's what I want because that's what they deserve.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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