Deranged Russian Mother Gets 20-Year Sentence For Killing Two Sons With Rat Poison

A mom of four in Russia received an 18-and-a-half-year sentence last week for murdering two of her sons with a drug formerly used as “rat poison”.

It seems that 39-year-old Elena Kordyukova of Ekaterinburg also tried to kill a third son with the same poison, but his life was able to be saved at the hospital.

Authorities say a fourth child also died young, but forensic experts could not determine the exact cause of death.

Russian media sources report that Kordyukova's sons Ilya, Maxim and Mikhail and her daughter Alexandra all had an unusual genetic disorder named atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome.

This syndrome leads to blood clots forming in small blood vessels throughout the body, eventually causing stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and death.

Note that Maxim, Mikhail and Alexandra all died mysteriously under the age of three.

Media reports state Kordyukova admitted to law enforcement she killed her children so she could have other children “without health problems”.

The bodies of Maxim and Mikhail were exhumed and autopsies identified potentially lethal traces of Warfarin, an anticoagulant drug developed as a rat poison, in their systems.

Although warfarin could have been prescribed to treat the children’s condition, large doses are often fatal.

Sources highlight that Alexandra's body was exhumed as well, but was too decomposed to be able to to tell if she had also been poisoned by warfarin.

Kordyukova's oldest son, Ilya (8), had apparently been given around 30 doses of the drug by his mom while he was in the hospital. The boy was touch and go at first, but he survived his mom’s attempt to poison him.

Andrey Kordyukov, the father of all four children, told the media that his wife was a “loving mother” who was trying to save her children. “She is a wonderful mother. I saw how caring she was for the children,” he argued.

Andrey also claimed his wife had told him she had been “forced” to confess to the murders by police.

A criminal court in Ekaterinburg determined she was guilty as she had confessed to murder and attempted murder. The court statement concluded that Kordyukova at first “had tried to cure them (her children), but it was easier to get rid of this burden and try to give birth to new children who were healthy”.

Before the trial this fall, psychiatrists in Russia determined that Kordyukova was “completely normal” and fully aware of her crimes, and informed the judge of their opinion. According to law enforcement, the husband was unaware of his wife’s murderous plans for their children.

After the sentencing, the husband told Russian media sources that eight-year-old Ilya needed his mother at home and they were planning to appeal her sentence.

When you add the 18 and half years to the time she has already served, she will have been in prison a full 20 years, which is the maximum allowed by law for females in Russia.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: The Siberian Times via Daily Mail

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