Deputy Tries To Issue Homeless Man A Ticket, Found Out Man's Big Dilemma - The Deputy Was Happy To Help

Another officer went above and beyond the call of duty for a homeless man who had a big problem. The man was unable to get an identification card.

Carrying a card is required by law, but no matter how the man tried, the Department of Motor Vehicles just kept giving him the run-around. Thanks to the deputy, he finally got what he needed.

Deputy Jacob Swalwell had noticed a 67-year-old homeless man, Mike, panhandling along-side the highway each day. Mike would ask people for pocket change so that he could buy food, but Deputy Swalwell had to tell him to stop.

After seeing Mike a few times, the deputy finally confronted the man. Swalwell was going to write a ticket, and asked Mike to see his ID.

As it turns out, getting an ID was the bane of Mike's existence.

Mike had been struggling for 10 years in an attempt to obtain an identification card, but he was always turned down by the DMV.

"I couldn’t get an ID because I have to have a birth certificate. I never got around to getting a birth certificate,” he admitted.

Mike never knew his biological parents, and the 66-year-old was never able to track a birth certificate down.

Swalwell didn't write that ticket. Instead, he tried to help Mike.

He escorted Mike to the nearest DMV to try and help him get an ID card. He was turned away, and they told the officer that they had no record of Mike ever being there, and any previous record of him having a license had been wiped out of the system.

The DMV assured the deputy that with a birth certificate, Mike could get his ID. So Swalwell used his police resources to help track down a birth certificate for Mike, and he brought the homeless man with the document back to the DMV.

Shockingly, the DMV turned the man down again.

“He said to me, ‘Now do you see what I’m talking about?'” the deputy said.

Swalwell realized that the DMV was never going to stop giving poor Mike the run-around. He went to the police station and got a formal letter on sheriff's office stationery.

He brought that back with the other documents. Finally, the DMV issued Mike the card he needed.

Mike is very grateful to the deputy. He'd had a hard life.

The former truck driver became disabled in a terrible accident. While he managed to get strong enough to get out of the wheelchair and off the crutches, he was never able to get back to work.

No matter what kind of job he got, after a while, lifting or standing would cause just too much pain.

“He turned out to be more of a friend than anybody else I’ve met in recent years,” said Mike.

Now that Mike has an ID card, he can apply for social security and benefits. His whole life will turn around.

The officer won't take any credit for doing the right thing, though. "It's a safety issue, and that was more of a concern than the panhandling," said Swalwell.

Source: Little Things, ABC 7
Photo: ABC 7, Jonathan Bloom/Twitter

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