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Dad's Reason For Taking Daughter Out Of School One Day Is Priceless

Schools are pretty strict these days, and when a parent shows up to pull a child out early, they're expected to provide a good reason. If you look at the list, a lot of parents signing out their children will say they have a dentist or doctor appointment, or they'll even trot out the old 'family emergency' excuse.

One dad wrote his reason down and snapped a picture of it. He said he wanted to 'tell the truth', and now he's getting his 15 minutes of fame for it.

Jeff Pavlock headed to his 12-year-old daughter's middle school one day to pull her out early. When the school asked him to write down his reason, Mr. Pavlock didn't mind obliging.

"It's deer season," he wrote on the sign-out sheet. "Headed to go put the smackdown on a monster buck."

Pavlock snapped a photo of his 'excuse' and posted it on Facebook. "When you check your 12 yr. old daughter out of school early and everybody else writes down Dr appointments but you right down the truth...priorities. Ain't nobody got time for school!!!!" he wrote.

Since then, the post has gone viral, with many hunting enthusiasts, in particular, finding it comical. Other parents just thought it was great that the dad was spending quality time with his little girl.

Mr. Pavlock ended up being contacted by the media. He said it was all in good fun.

"I'm always in a good mood and I always want to make people smile," he told KPRC. "I would always post a bunch of funny stuff on Facebook. I kept telling everybody: 'One day, I'm going to make it big.'"

Well, that day has finally come. Even Pavlock, who always knew he had it in him to be famous, was shocked by how quickly the post spread.

"I've got people from Canada and people messaging me from all over the United States, so I am just living in the moment and enjoying it," he said.

"I just enjoy making people laugh. My wife is laughing. My whole family is laughing. We think it's hilarious. I never thought in my life it would blow up on Facebook."

The father says he was very happy with the positive feedback. He's proud of his daughter, who seems to love hunting just as much as her old man.

"She's a hunting little bugger," he said. "She's made about nine hunts with me so far. We are just waiting on the big one to come out of the woods."

Most parents approved. Even people who don’t generally like the idea of hunting think it’s great that this father is so eager to spend time with his daughter. Unfortunately, not enough parents are willing to do pull kids out of school for some much-needed quality time.

"School is not jail," said one commenter. "If a parent takes his child out early that is his business. Good to have a Dad who wants his child with him."

"Good for him and her!" another wrote. "She'll grow up with an appreciation of nature and have an excellent relationship with her daddy."

"This is much better than just sitting at home on electronics. I hope they do get their 'monster buck.'"

Source: America Now
Photo: Pixabay, KPRC

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