Dad Sends Bike Injury Photos To Son, Son's Response Is Hilarious

An unidentified dad had no idea he would turn into a viral sensation off of the strength of a simple message he sent to his son. But he did - thanks to his son. As Independent Journal Review shares, here’s what can happen when you’re child shares stuff on social media.

The dad had apparently been in a bit of a crash on his bike. Thankfully, he was ok, but he had some cuts and whatnot. He snapped a pic of his road rash and shared it with his son.

“Crashed my bike on Saturday,” he wrote.

Looks like pops had just gotten out of the shower or something when he snapped the pic. While his private area was covered, his son was still a little taken aback by the pic. However, he wasn’t so taken aback that he wouldn’t share it with others.

“My dad, ladies and gentlemen,” he wrote on social media.

He also included the back and forth that ensued with his dad.

“Also thanks for sending me a naked picture dad. Young men love photos of their naked father,” the son wrote.

“I’m not naked. I’m wearing a watch,” dad replied.

The son’s social media post captured a ton of traction, and other users were quick to chime in.

“Well now we all have a picture of your naked dad on our phone so..we're all creepy now,” shared one user.

“I know it's all fun and games, but I'd be really freaked out if my dad did this,” shared another.

Other users seemed to be pretty enamored with dad.

“Does your dad need help rubbing some ointment on those legs??” added one user.

“Your dad's shreaded. Whats his number,” wrote another.

In the end, it sounds like father and son may have learned a bit of a lesson on what’s appropriate to share versus what is not. Additionally, it sounds like dad’s social calendar can fill up in a hurry if he’s so inclined.

Source: IJR
Photo: IJR

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