Dad Sends Baby to Daycare Wearing Spycam, Is Horrified By What He Catches

A father suspicious of what was going on at his son's daycare sent the baby rigged with a spycam. His suspicions turned out to be right, and now the disturbing footage has landed the daycare owner in a lot of hot water.

The owner has been arrested and is facing charges for mistreating the children in her care.

Rebecca Anderson, a 60-year-old daycare owner in Texas, was caught tying children down and leaving them alone in closets and bathrooms. Police arrested her after they visited her home and found several children restrained in different rooms in her home.

The police were tipped off to the situation by a dad who sent his child to the daycare rigged with a nanny cam.

The unnamed dad fastened a hidden camera to his six-month-old son's car seat. This was how the heartbroken father discovered that Anderson's home was a house of horrors for the children.

The video caught Anderson 'yanking' the baby boy by his legs and bib, then force-feeding him something with a syringe. She then strapped him into a car seat, tied him down and put him in a closet for the day.

The father called the police to report what he found on video, and police paid a visit to Anderson's home in Mesquite. When they arrived and searched the house on Friday, they found three children in car seats in Anderson's master bedroom closet. They found a fourth child in the master bathroom.

Police found the daycare worker had tied shoelaces and other such restraints around their necks to limit their movement. The restraints had to be cut off.

Police asked Anderson how many kids were in the home, and she lied and said there were only five. Upon further searching the residents, police discovered four more kids.

Anderson admitted to the officers that she left the kids inside the car seats for up to seven hours per day. She also admitted to administering Tylenol to them.

Police say the daycare worker acknowledged to them that how she handled the children was 'outside of acceptable parental behavior' and that her methods 'could result in death'.

Anderson was taken into custody and her bail was set at $225,000.

Police say the doses of Tylenol were unnecessary and may have put the health of the children at risk. They are asking any parent who may have been a client and who suspects their child may have been neglected or abused to come forward.

One person to come forward was Forney resident Keonna Oliver, who says her grandson, Triston, used to go to Anderson's daycare. Triston was in Anderson's care for 13 months, starting when he was just seven months old.

Oliver removed him due to scheduling conflicts, but she thinks her grandson might have been abused in Anderson's care.

Oliver recalls that her grandson always came home from daycare cranky, hungry and with minor bruises. "I knew something was strange about her, and I couldn’t figure it out. He’s a little boy. He's going to get bruises. I didn’t want to be that grandparent," Oliver said.

The grandmother says that there were some red flags she shouldn’t have ignored. Parents were not allowed inside the house.

Parents could not come at the same time to pick up kids—they were scheduled at different times. And Anderson would bring kids out then stand there chatting for 10 or 20 minutes instead of going back inside to watch other children in her care.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Dallas County Jail, Facebook, PxHere, Google Maps

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