Dad Realizes Something About His 11-Year-Old Following His Sudden Death

A dad from Oklahoma named Kirk Smalley has told the story of his 11-year-old son bullying and suicide over a thousand times, and he’s just getting started. The construction worker is still grieving after his 11-year-old son, Ty, committed suicide seven years ago.

Ty, who was in sixth grade when he died, was constantly bullied and harassed at school.
Smalley says he and his wife complained to school authorities about the bullying several times, but were given a “boys will be boys” excuse for the abusive behavior.

The inspiration to commit to an ongoing anti-bullying campaign came when Kirk visited Ty’s grave in the cemetery. He said he decided to honor his son the only way he knew how: “One month and seven days after Ty died, it was actually on Father’s Day...I made my boy a promise,” he noted. “I promised him that I was gonna stop bullying in this world.”

A re-energized Kirk and his wife are now on the road 300 days a year speaking at schools and churches about the dangers of bullying, even spending their own money for travel expenses.

Kirk has spoken to thousands of children, teachers and parents at schools across the country.
His organization, Stand For The Silent, has touched the lives of 700,000 students nationwide, and Smalley says he’s just getting started.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

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