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Customers Are Flocking To This McDonald's - And It's Not For The Food

Folks in Taiwan are scrambling to get down to the local McDonald’s, but it’s not for reasons you would expect. Normally, such interest in the Golden Arches is reserved for an unbelievable promotion, a giveaway item that tickles the fancy of collectors, or a tantalizing new menu item that the masses just have to try. In this case, the answer is none of the above.

So what’s all the fuss about?

As the Daily Mail shares, a certain employee of the restaurant has captured the imagination of the country by becoming an internet sensation. Depending on the perspective of the beholder, the female employee is viewed as some kind of ‘goddess’ or just downright weird.

The woman is named Hsu Wei-han, and she works as a cashier at one of the company’s establishments. She has a striking doll-like face, and part of the fascination comes from customers trying to figure out if she’s real or not.

The woman rose to prominence in somewhat creepy fashion. A man visited the store she worked at back in 2013, and he was so taken by the woman’s looks that he just had to take her picture.

That’s off-putting enough, but he kicked things up a notch by posting the pic online. The image would quickly take on a life of its own, as the man dubbed her the “cutest McDonald’s goddess in Taiwanese history.”

Before too long, it was discovered that she worked at a McDonald’s in Kaohsiung, and that quickly made the establishment a destination. Fans and admirers flocked in to get a glimpse of her, and she would find herself as a mini-celebrity.

The cashier capitalized on her newfound fame by appearing on game shows and variety shows in Taiwan. While that’s awesome for the cashier, it hasn’t turned out so great for the restaurant she works in.

While people are flocking in, they’re not necessarily buying anything when they show up. They come just to get a glimpse of the woman, much to the consternation of management. However, as a post on Rocket News points out, the restaurant is no stranger to making a spectacle of its employees.

“McDonald’s in Taiwan has a glorious track record when it comes to cute girls since their staff started cosplaying in maids’ dresses, sailor uniforms, and other outfits since 2013,” the post reads in part.

The mini-celebrity has also taken advantage of her fame by astronomically growing her social media profile, and she keeps fans coming back by posting an inordinate amount of selfies. In addition to working as a cashier at the restaurant, she’s also a college student.

No word on what her future plans may be, but she may want to strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on her fame even further.

In the meantime, it looks like the store she works in will remain packed for the foreseeable future. Perhaps she can do management a solid and put out a shout-out to her followers to actually buy something when they come in.

Source: Daily Mail, Inquisitr
Photo: RainDog via Metro

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