Curious Picture Of Fire Fighters Laying On The Ground Has Touching Backstory

This past Summer, wildfires that ravage Portugal took a significant toll on the country. The catastrophic fires claimed the lives of at least sixty-five people and caused another 150 to be injured.

In addition, countless family homes and natural resources were destroyed in the blaze.

One man spotted an unusual scene. He saw a bunch of firefighters stretched out on a lawn. Smoke hung heavy in the air and firetrucks were parked behind them.

The man snapped a photo of them and it went viral, though many speculated about the image. Were the firefighters dead? Injured? Was it a hoax or a joke?

As it turns out, the story behind the photo is much simpler than that, and it's extremely touching. It was real, and the firefighters in it stretched out on the lawns were sleeping.

Over 1,600 firefighters and 300 soldiers were called to help contain the massive wildfires scorching the landscape, but it was a fierce battle with the element.

Those battling the blaze worked long, hard hours and were exhausted. The photo shows them taking a break, trying to squeeze in a short nap.

“After a night and a day of fighting in i.f. de góis, TB we were treated to 25 minutes of the beach, albeit concealed by smoke," wrote the poster who shared the photo.

Many people chimed in to praise the firefighters.

“They are all Heroes. Every Fireman/woman all over the World" responded one person.

“These men are heroes in every rule and not those who run behind a ball and that many unjustly call heroes, even in the media," responded another.

“Eternal gratitude for your dedication, delivery, altruism, solidarity, that the sacred beings always follow you," one person offered.

Many people in the U.S. are feeling the same kind of admiration and gratitude towards firefighters these days after the massive wildfires that consumed much of the Golden State. The "Thomas Fire" blazed out of control for more than a month and is the biggest fire in California history.

Winds fueled the flames in the dry climate, giving it ample fuel to spread. Some 50,000 people had to be evacuated.

The fires ended up destroying more than 280,000 acres before they were contained, and some 1,063 structures. Another 280 structures were damaged.

Forty-three deaths have been reported thus far. Making matters worse, heavy rains on the ashy ruins resulted in deadly mudslides earlier this month.

Some 8,400 firefighters have been working around the clock since the fires broke out, and they continue to put in long hours to keep it contained and rescue those caught in the danger zones. Photos of firefighter catching naps wherever they can stretch out: on lawns, floors, in vehicles.

"We're pretty exhausted. It's pretty steep terrain," said Stephen Moore, one of the firefighters on the job.

"We have people who've been on that line for days, and they don't want to leave that section of line because there's still work to do, there are homes to save and they're very passionate about it," said Napa County Fire Chief Barry Biermann. "We're public service employees and [that's what] everyone does — we're here to help."
Source: AWM
Photo: Express, AWM

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