Man Terrified At Unknown Creature Wandering Through Country Club Woods

A man spotted a strange creature in the woods recently and shared photos of it on social media. Observers think they know what it is, but it's a bit of a longshot.

The Chupacabra is a fearsome creature that ranks right up there with Big Foot and the Jersey Devil. Some believe the elusive creature is a myth, yet people who have sighted this strange cryptic across North America and the Caribbean say otherwise.

Human reports of the terrifying creature date back to 1995. A new photo that has gone viral on the internet might finally be the proof to convince everyone that this being is no myth.

The name 'Chupacabra' came from Puerto Rico, and translates to 'goat-sucker'. The frightening being, who looks like a small hairless animal, is believed to survive on the blood of livestock, especially goats. They've wreaked havoc on farms, attacking animals and feeding on them.

Doug Stewart was at the Santee Cooper Country Club in South Carolina on Saturday when a shocking sighting changed his life forever. Stewart was playing golf when he spotted a gray, hairless, emaciated-looking creature come lumbering out of the woods. He snapped a photo of it and posted it on social media.

"Ok...playing Golf in Santee SC. Can somebody pleeeeease tell me what the flock this is!?!? #ThatAintNoDog," Stewart wrote on Facebook. The post was shared more than 1,500 times, with many people convinced that the man caught the Chupacabra itself on film.

Or perhaps, a 'demon straight from hell', another commenter suggested.

Some closed-minded skeptics refused to believe that the animal caught on film could possibly be anything quite so mysterious. Refusing to believe their own eyes, they brushed off the creature in the photo, saying, "It's a red fox with mange".

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Evidence for the Chupacabra abounds, such as the mysterious carcass that washed up on the shores of Montauk, New York in 2008. The creature's body, captured in a photo, was hairless and odd-looking, and many believe it to be evidence of the dread goat-sucker.

Once, in Caguas, it was spotted in someone's home, mutilating a teddy bear. When the home owners caught a glimpse of its red eyes and claws, they scared the beast off and it ran away. It left a puddle of slime and stuffing behind.

Cary Shuker who lives in the Box Springs Mountains of California said when her cat came fleeing into the house, she knew something was wrong. She went looking to see what scared it and came face to face with a hairless creature, with its wrinkled skin and jutting teeth.

“I yelled at it, in a big deep voice, ‘get out of here!’” Shuker told the Press Enterprise.

The creature then growled and snarled at her. “It was cussing me out, basically. … I stole its breakfast. It was hunting my cat,” Shuker said.

Back in South Carolina, at least one government worker has offered an opinion on what Stewart photographed that day at the club. Jay Butfiloski, Furbearer Project manager for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, agrees.

In an interview with ABC4, Butfiloski says Stewart just caught a photo of some kind of canine. "Either way, it has got mange," he says.

Mange is a disease caused by a parasitic mite, mostly found in canines like dogs, wolves and foxes. Usually, if not treated, it leads to death. But that's too easy an answer.

Butfiloski by admission is not an expert in the field of cryptozoology or chupacabras, so his assessment should be taken with a grain of salt. And of course, there is always the question of a cover-up.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Doug Stewart/Facebook, TripAdvisor, Santee Cooper Club

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