Couple Woken By Cat's Crazy Behavior - Then They Realize What's Happening

It is pretty clear that some heroes have a knack for knowing when they’re needed. Sometimes, those heroes turn out to be someone you would never expect. That’s certainly the case in this amazing story. As Fox News shares, a 6-year-old cat is being lauded as a hero in Philadelphia.

So what did this amazing feline do? He awoke a sleeping couple - just moments before their home collapsed. FOX 29 was on site at the amazing scene, and it certainly sounds like things were awfully hairy.

“FOX 29’s Steve Keeley reports there was a couple in their 40s at the time and neither had to be taken to the hospital,” the network reports. “Their cat Baxter knew something was wrong and woke up the man who was sleeping on first floor couch. Then, he woke up his wife upstairs, and they heard crackling.”

Interest was through the roof on this story in the area, and the network provided a play-by-play for the captivated audience on social media.

“Seth in red jacket & Bones in Phillies hat climb up & save couple hanging onto railing after house collapse @FOX29philly,” the network wrote.

As word got out about what happened, crowds quickly gathered to catch a glimpse. It sounds like Baxter was in some peril after his heroic actions, but the crew on hand made it a priority to bring the brave cat to safety.

“Crowds arrived at the scene and watched crews go up through a second floor window and recover Baxter on the roof. Then they burst into applause,” the network continued. “The cause of the collapse will be under investigation. Construction next door is a possibility. Crews were said to be digging the foundation for new homes on Tuesday.

“BEFORE&AFTER collapse of West Philly rowhome that was a 'stand alone' house which can NEVER get insurance &you see why not @FOX29philly,” FOX29 shared on social media.

The network explains that stand-alone rowhomes can be considered to be compromised by insurance companies, and that can make securing coverage more than challenging. It’s unclear if the family in this situation had coverage or not, but they’re lucky to be alive in any event.

“The family was too upset to talk on camera, but tell FOX 29 they do have a place to stay and are so thankful their rescue kitty came to their rescue,” the network continued. “Baxter is doing OK and is getting a lot of love and attention.”

So what happened to Baxter? The Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team was quickly on the scene to ensure he was well taken care of.

“Happy outcome at W.Philly house collapse. We cant do what we do w/o the support of @PhillyLI. @RedPawRelief, Baxter & his family thanks you!” a post from a team member on social media read.

We hope Baxter is being treated like a king right now, and you can be sure that the couple he helped save is forever grateful. Here’s to hoping things turn around for the couple in question sooner rather than later, but at least they know they have an absolutely awesome furry little friend that loves them.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Fox 29, YouTube

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