Couple On Vacation Return Home to Discover Neighbor Built a Tree House On Their Property

Yuri Stepanov, a pensioner living in the city of Nizhny Tagil, never had a problem with his neighbor, Irina Chukanova, or her family. For some 10 years, the two households lived side by side in peace. In the spring, however, that all began to change.

Stepanov began complaining about the pine trees in Chukanova's yard. There were two tall trees that leaned toward the property line, and Stepanov said that the needles and pine cones were always landing on his property.

He was sick of cleaning the mess, so he asked his neighbors if they would cut down the trees.

Chukanova and her family did not want to cut down the trees, but they promised the older man that they would figure out what to do by the fall. Unfortunately, as fall approached, the family forgot about finding a solution. Stepanov got tired of waiting.

Stepanov decided to take matters into his own hands when Chukanova and her family went away on vacation. They headed out for a week at the end of August, and Stepanov got right to work. He stripped the two trees of all their branches.

Then, between the two of them, he built himself a new wooden house. The house is high up in the air at the top of the two tree trunks. Then Stepanov moved into the new house.

The Chukanov family came home and were shocked to see that not only had their neighbor built a home in their yard, but was living there. Technically, however, the elderly man did not set foot on their land, so he wasn't trespassing.

“When we returned home, we were shocked by what we saw. We tried to talk to him and explain that what he did was illegal. That these trees are our property, but our neighbor only mocked us with his answers,” said Irina to 66.ru.

She continued to say “In his opinion, the house is in the air and has nothing to do with our property. The funny thing is that he claims that thanks to this thing he built, the cost of our land is now 100,000 rubles higher, and he is actually asking us to pay 4 thousand rubles, which we apparently owe him for building materials.”

Unfortunately for Stepanov, the housing authorities did not find his new structure an asset to the neighborhood. In fact, they declared the home a safety hazard, and said that the tree house could collapse.

Stepanov does not agree. He believes his building is strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds.

Police said that the Chukanov family will have to press charges and get a court order if they want Stepanov to be evacuated from their land. They are unhappy to have to do this, but feel they have no choice.

A hearing was scheduled for September 4, but Stepanov did not show up for the court date. He received a 100 ruble fine, but he continued to live in the tree house.

Thankfully, Stepanov had a change of heart before getting himself in serious trouble, and before breaking his neck. The 66-year-old dismantled the tree house and apologized about causing trouble.

He said he would be putting the treehouse in another tree on his property. He claims he only thought he was doing something nice for his neighbors, and he is asking them to drop the charges against them.

The Chukanovs, now angry, are demanding 20,000 rubles as reimbursement for the damage Stepanov caused to their property.

Source: Oddity Central
Photos: YouTube

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