This Oklahoma Couple's Gender Reveal Is Getting Millions Of Views – Here's Why

Shelby and Colt Moore, a loving couple from Mannford, Oklahoma, have used one of the state’s cultural practices as the centerpiece of a viral gender reveal video.

Specifically, Mr. and Mrs. Moore decided to use noodling – the practice of capturing catfish barehanded – to reveal the biological sex of their baby to friends and family.

Noodling is a relatively common practice in the southern United States and is currently legal in the following 15 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Texas.

In the now-viral 1:42-long video, Mr. Moore can be seen diving under the murky brown water, moving his hands around a catfish hole for a flathead catfish. Another man hovers in the water next to Mr. Colt – helping him spot the fish and bring it to the surface safely.

When Mr. Colt manages to pull up the enormous fish, a pink tag in its mouth signifies that he and his wife are having a girl. According to the Daily Mail, Mr. Colt had previously attached the tag to the fish minutes before shooting the video.

As the pink tag is revealed, Mrs. Colt and the couple’s friends begin screaming in joy and excitement. One man takes out a string of pink balloons to celebrate the announcement.

After watching the video dozens of times, Mrs. Colt decided to upload it to Facebook, writing: “It's a girl!!! Collins Taylor Moore will be welcomed into the world on 12-2-17!”

The video has since gone viral, receiving over 4.7 million views, 7000 likes and nearly 27,000 shares. Since going viral, both Shelby and Colt Moore have steadfastly refused to disclose the location where the video was taken. When asked why by KFOR, the couple responded: “no fisherman ever gives away a prime spot.”

With thousands of comments, there’s no shortage of support for Mr. and Mrs. Colt. However, not all social media users are impressed with the couple’s gender reveal idea.

“Can you not just call your friends and tell them you had a baby?” wrote one user, JmP, on the Daily Mail. “Or that you got engaged? Or that you are pregnant? Everyone does these stupid announcements nowadays. Attention seekers galore.”

Other commenters quickly jumped in to criticize the younger generation, with ‘SBW71’ writing: “Why does everything have to be on social media or made into such a production? Whatever happened to just telling people what you're having? This new generation is ridiculous. All about attention and me, me me.”

Despite these detractors, most Facebook users seemed to have enjoyed the couple’s gender reveal.

One such user, Shaunna L Oliver, slammed the critics, writing: “Forget all these haters out there, this is the most original and unique Gender reveal ever, CONGRATULATIONS neighbor, I am so happy for you both... hugs and kisses honey God bless you and the baby girl.”

“Congratulations You all! Love your reveal!” agreed Anna Wilson Lemoins. “Praying you all have a perfectly healthy little girl. Go redneck power!”

Source: WNEP, AOL, Little Things
Photo: YouTube

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