Couple Hears Loud Snap During Intimacy - Rushes To The Hospital

A man has been rushed to hospital after he “broke” his penis attempting exotic sexual position in Vietnam.

Local media reports a 59-year-old man Ho Chi Minh City told doctors he heard a loud crack while having sex with his partner in a stressful position.

Medical staff was apparently stunned to see the damaged organ, which had snapped right where it joined his groin.

The organ turned a bright purple color and needed immediate medical attention, according to a local newspaper report.

“The organ was swollen and bruised, but also certainly broken at the joint,” Dr Mai Ba Tien Dung at Binh Dan Hospital explained. The man required a surgical procedure to stitch the broken member back into position.

The sexual position he had been attempting when the accident occurred has not been revealed. Dr Dung noted that this case was quite rare, and the “break” occurred at full erection.

“Symptoms include a clear "crack" that is accompanied by a sharp pain,” he commented.

Dr Dung said this would be followed by purple bruising and severe pain and discomfort.

“Without timely surgery, the patient can suffer from a deformed and curved penis and erectile dysfunction,” he continued.

He also pointed out that not seeking immediate medical care after a penis break leads to a high likelihood of impotence.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: 123RF

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