Couple Go Through A Bitter Divorce - The New Girlfriend Can’t Believe What Happens Next

After nearly 40 years of marriage, Robert sent his wife Sally packing. He told the life-long housewife that he'd fallen in love with a younger, hotter woman.

"I'm the one who worked all these years. I paid the bills, I bought the furniture, I paid off the mortgage-- so I'm keeping the house!" he told her. "My new fiancé will be moving in at the end of the month, and I want you out!"

On her last night, sally put on some music, took a hot bubble bath, and popped open a bottle of champagne. She set the table for one with the finest china and served herself a seafood smorgasbord. She dined on shrimp, caviar, crab pate and lobster bisque. After dinner, she took all her leftovers and stuffed them into the hollows of the curtain rods.

The happy couple moved into the home and the first few days were sheer bliss, but then an odd smell started permeating the home. The couple could not find the source of it no matter how hard they looked, but the smell just got worse by the day. No matter what they did, they couldn’t get rid of it.

The fiancé couldn't take it anymore, so she demanded Robert purchase a luxurious city penthouse. Between the large alimony settlement, his new fiancé’s shopping habit and the expensive new home, Robert had gone into debt. Making things worse, he couldn’t unload the old house because of the smell.

Sally called to ask him how he was doing, and Robert mentioned he was selling the old home. Sally said she missed the place and wouldn't mind renegotiating the divorce settlement if she could have it for a great price. Robert quickly agreed and had the papers sent over that afternoon.

Robert was so pleased with himself - he unloaded the house, his alimony payments were cut in half and he was ready to move into a fancy new home with his beautiful young wife. He couldn't stop smiling as he watched the movers drive away toward his new home with all his belongings - including the curtain rods.

Source: Boredom Therapy
Photo: Wikimedia

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