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Couple Busted Having Sex in Church Garden

A couple in Seaside Heights, New Jersey were feeling a little frisky on Tuesday, and apparently, they couldn't wait to get a room. They ducked into a church garden and began making love. Right in the middle of the heated moment they were discovered by a priest.

The priest called police from Our Lady of Perpetual Help called police for help when he found a couple going at it under a statue of the Virgin Mary of the garden. The secluded garden was a 'sacred area' between the church and the rectory.

The police department is right next door, so officers were able to get there quickly and caught the couple. Newark, New Jersey resident, 43-year-old Anthony Getchius, and his Jersey City girlfriend, 48-year-old Noelle Smart, were arrested. They were both charged with lewdness.

Getchius was also charged with creating a dangerous condition, and obstructing the law.

The couple were put in jail and a hearing is set for Wednesday. It doesn't appear as though they're having an illicit affair, as both categorized themselves as 'single' on court papers.

This isn't, of course, the first time a couple ever got busted having sex in a place where they shouldn't have been. There was a time, though, when this was something more likely to be going on at night in cars parked in obscure rural areas. As society becomes more and more brazen about sex, people are taking more shocking risks.

One couple in Portugal decided to do the nasty in a public park. What made people upset, though, was that they did it right next to their baby girl.

In the UK, a couple got randy on a train. Onookers cheered them on, and some even filmed them.

Couples have been caught having sex right out in the open in China, and in New Zealand. In Ohio, a couple went a step farther by having sex in broad daylight near a playground, in full view of children and parents.

Of course, many people trying to join the Mile-High Club have been caught attempting sex on an airplane. one couple was busted on a transatlantic flight in March. A flight attendant opened the door to the lavatory and spotted the man with his pants down.

“Would you jeopardize your holiday for" oral sex?" she asked them.

The pair didn't even know each other before getting on the plane, but at some point during the 11-hour flight from the UK to Mexico, they decided to hook up. The woman continued to be disruptive even after they act was stopped, so she has been banned from flying.
Psychologists say that having sex in public is a common fantasy. It makes people feel free and empowered to express their passions out in the open, ignoring the idea that they might get caught. People do it to spice up their love lives, and for the rush, kind of like why someone might go skydiving.

Relationship expert Dr. Dawn Michael tells Elite Daily that the hormones make it exciting, which makes the sex even better. “Dopamine also affects desire and can increase arousal in most people. Arousal is one of the main reasons why it may feel so good.”

It takes a special kind of adventure seeker to have sex in a church, though. It looks like even that has been done. In Rome, of all places, an Italian couple were found having sex in a church confessional box.

Source: New York Post
Photos: 1057 Hawks, Herald Online,

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