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Online Dating Disaster - Man Calls Cops On Tinder Date Who Won't Leave

An unidentified man found himself in a bit of a precarious situation. He met a woman through the dating app Tinder, and he invited her back to his place. Sounds like they hit it off, but she was wearing out her welcome.

As in she wouldn’t leave his house for two days. The desperate man ended up jumping on Reddit for some advice, as he had another Tinder date coming up soon.

As the Daily Mail shares, the man was desperate for a solution, so asking some perfect strangers on the interwebs seemed like the way to go.

“Help, I hooked up with this chick on Tinder and she hasn't left my house in two days,” he wrote. “I told her earlier she had to go before bedtime cause I have to get up early for work. She asked me if she could stay for dinner and I said OK.”

As Casanova explains, things would progressively get worse, as she just wasn’t getting the hint.

“Then she passed out and when I tried to wake her up to ask her to leave, she said, 'No I'm too tired,'" he added. “I'm a pretty nice guy and I hate confrontation.”

The clock was ticking on his next date. After some careful consideration with a bunch of concerned Redditors that were undoubtedly looking out for his best interests, he decided he had no choice but to call the cops.

That actually turned out to be a pretty smart move, as he would discover that she had lifted some items from his home in all of the kerfuffle that ensued.

“It was a rather crazy and very stressful situation that really made me think about whether this dating and the dating apps are so useful,” he said.

Other users have chimed in with their two cents, and one helpful user helped break down the obvious for Casanova.

“This is why you don't have people come over right away when meeting them from an app. This is basically a nightmare situation,” the user wrote.

Another user shared an awful experience that he had on the app, and we can assume this story will stay out of Tinder’s marketing materials.

“I had just moved, invited someone over from Tinder, I didn't really feel comfortable, so I made no moves, but then she wouldn't leave. I let her stay because I was way to nice,” the user wrote. “The next morning I was telling her she had to leave and basically pushed her out the door. At one point she was playing with my kitchen knife and I legit thought I was gonna have to defend myself.”

There’s an old saying that says ‘if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.’ That sounds like a fair assessment of dating apps and sites that make things sound so easy. For every success story, there are dozens and dozens of failures and horror stories.

However, the success stories will keep them coming back, and that’s what these companies can hang their hats on.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Consumer Reports, Tinder, Reddit, 123RF Stock Photo

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