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Cop Stops, Gets Out Of Car, And Shocks Everyone With His Next Move

Usually, when a police officer stops his patrol car and approaches you, it's not someplace you want to be. One cop in Alabama parked his patrol car and stepped up to some locals, but they weren't expecting this. Thankfully, it was caught on video.

Officer Casey Chumney was on patrol when he passed a bunch of young kids dancing to music. He stopped his patrol car, walked over to the kids and started dancing with them.

The children were delighted when Chumney challenged a five-year-old girl to a dance battle. The officer was hysterical (and his moves weren't too bad, either). The kids had a blast. And one mom pulled out her camera.

The mom said that her faith was renewed in police officers after the simple little exchange. "He made me feel like all police aren't bad he pulled up got out played with the kids, asked about school and decided to challenge them in a dance contest," said mom Marshae White in a Facebook post.

"I had the music going because she likes to dance," White later explained to NBC 15 News. "And he stopped and he was like what ya'll know about Soulja Boy? And I'm like Soulja Boy, what you know about Soulja Boy? And he was like ya'll know how to crank that?"

Little Armani Tripp enjoyed the dance off with the long arm of the law. The kindergartener says that the officer was pretty good at the 'stanky leg'.

After about 10 minutes of dancing with Armani and her friends, Officer Chumney thanked them for the dance and went back on patrol - but not before a photo op.

"After he got through dancing he let the kids jump off the porch into his hands. And he'd spin them around, took pictures with them. He was real nice. Asked them about school, asked how old they were," White said.

It's always great to see officers having positive relations with locals, reminding us that all the bad press is just a small slice of the bigger picture.

Chumney isn't the only dancing cop. One officer with Durham Regional Police Service was in a video that went viral. The officer apparently was on a dance crew in college, and he shared his moves with a bunch of teens.

In Kansas, an officer showed up at a Black Lives Matter barbeque and he jumped in to dance with the locals. The locals dubbed him 'Officer Brown with the Get Down'.

Over the summer, one pair of cops were called to a neighborhood when someone complained about a slip and slide rig that had drawn a big crowd. It was a really hot day, and a group of neighbors got together to create one, large, slippery, wet surface for kids to play. When the cops got there, they determined that the neighbors were not doing anything wrong—and then they each took turns on the slip and slide to cool off.

Source: Daily Mail, NBC 15
Photo: NBC 15

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