Cop Says He Was Targeted After Finding This In Fast Food Sandwich

A police officer in Alabama found an unexpected surprise in his fast food sandwich recently, and he believes it was placed there on purpose. He went to the drive-thru at a local Arby’s in Birmingham while he was on duty, and he bit down on something hard when he started to dig in.

It would turn out to be a large metal bolt that had somehow made it inside of his sandwich. As the Daily Mail shares, he feels it may have been placed there intentionally because he’s a police officer.

Birmingham Police sergeant Patrick Cosby was working the night shift and looking for a quick bite to eat, and that led him to Arby’s. He ordered his sandwich, fries and drink, paid for the meal, and drove off to get back to the precinct.

Cosby would dig in as soon as he had a chance, and that’s when he got the unpleasant surprise.

“I pulled back and spit it out and looked into the sandwich. There's a massive bolt laying there. I'm kind of in shock,” he recalls.

He was understandably upset about the incident, and he would come to the conclusion that he may have been targeted by employees at the restaurant.

“I'm playing this out in my head... I wondered if it was intentionally done. I feel like it was intentional. What are the chances it was an officer that got the one-inch bolt in his sandwich?” he said. “If I were making a sandwich at home, I'd know if a 1-inch bolt was in there.”

He quickly snapped a pic of what he found in his sandwich, and he proceeded to send it over to his wife. Angela Cosby would quickly share it on social media.

“Patrick got a little something extra with his Arby's sandwich tonight,” she wrote.

His mother, Katie Rouse, would also share it on social media, but she would take things a step further to allege that 'Black Lives Matter' had placed the bolt in her son’s meal.

The store has denied that it was an intentional act, and Cosby’s wife was instructed to contact the national office to file a formal complaint. She did just that, and a corporate investigation revealed that the bolt had fallen off of a faulty meat cutter.

That’s a relatively plausible explanation, but the Cosbys weren’t buying it.

Complaints were filed with the Birmingham Police Department, the FDA, and the Jefferson County Health Department, but all of the organizations reached the same conclusion. That should bring the matter to a close, as everyone that has been asked to look into it has reached the same findings.

That being said, the restaurant shouldn’t be completely off the hook here as if this was some kind of small oversight. Malfunctioning equipment can lead to all sorts of problems, and it’s pretty hard to understand how a bolt can fall off of a machine without someone realizing it.

Additionally, someone had to wrap the sandwich, so perhaps some retraining on quality control may be in order for store employees.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: YouTube, Angela Cosby/Facebook, Yelp Generic Photo

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