Cop Is Fed Up, Berates Woman For Leaving Her Children In Hot Car

In Vancouver on Monday, a woman with her two kids in tow pulled her black Lexus into a grocery store parking lot, but decided she could get the shopping done more easily without the kids underfoot. It was about 68 degrees that day, so the mom left the two children strapped in the car while she went in to do her shopping.

By the time she got out, there was a fire truck, ambulance, two patrol cars and a small crowd gathered around her car.

The unnamed mother left her six-year-old daughter and her three-year-old son strapped in the seats in the back of the car. She then went into the store for 20 minutes, according to police who reviewed the store's security footage.

During that time, the car alarm began to go off, and shoppers started making calls to 911.

Emergency responders arrived and managed to free the children from the car. Thankfully, they were safe. The mother was not charged with any crimes or arrested, but one furious cop didn't like the flippant way that she tried to defend her poor choices.

"You don't seem to understand the danger you put your children in. The windows were up – it's hot out. Your children could have died," the cop screamed at her. A bystander in the parking lot filmed a video of the unnamed officer yelling at the mother.

The mother stood looking angry, her arms crossed, and tried to argue back with the cop. The cop was not having it, though.

"Listen to me. You’re talking when you should be listening. Your children could have died. The windows were up, it’s hot out," he shouted. "Why are you arguing? Do you want me to seize your kids and you’ll never see them again?"

He pointed to the commotion, with all the onlookers and responders who were worried about the children being in distress. The mother seemed more annoyed to have been caught doing something she probably knew would get backlash.

Vancouver police chief Adam Palmer responded to journalists questioning the police officer and how he treated the mother. Many people on social media saw the clip and complained that he didn't have a right to lecture the woman if a crime had not been committed.

Palmer defended the cop, who he says is a "highly respected member of the police department and a hard-working, dedicated officer".

"I know that he has children of his own and you have to remember that police officers are just people," said Palmer in a statement. "We’re all human beings and everyone may react slightly differently to every set of circumstances and he was trying to convey to the woman the seriousness of what she’d done to the children."

Even though the officers let the mother off the hook, child protective services are investigating.

The officers were right about one thing: it was far too hot out for such young children to be left alone in a closed-up car without supervision. In 70-degree weather, the inside of a car can heat up to over 120 degrees within 20 minutes. That’s hot enough to potentially cause heat stroke.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: YouTube

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