Cable Company Wants the NRA to Remove Gun Images from Ads

The Great American Outdoors Show is set to air soon, and the NRA has submitted two ads for airing. Yet, Comcast sent them an email asking them to remove all images of guns. The email read:

"Both ads submitted yesterday entitled, (Family & Exhibit) will need to remove any and all images of rifles, shooting ranges, and handguns, when this is complete our MCC [control center] department and legal department will evaluate for approval."

The NRA was not ready to comply. NRA spokesman, Kyle Jillson, wrote:

“We designed an ad campaign to depict the events, activities, and sights people could expect to see at the Great American Outdoor Show.

To remove a crucial aspect of the show from our ads would be a major disservice to people who may be interested in attending. We do not have plans to alter the ads at this time.”

It seems odd that Comcast would make such a request given that the company airs many movies and TV shows that feature guns and violence such as:

- "Black Mass"
- "The Walking Dead"
- "Sicario"
- "Sons of Anarchy"
- "Breaking Bad"
- "Mad Max: Fury Road"
- "Quantico"

Comcast even aired a violent gun fight from "Sons of Anarchy." Comcast has refused to air an ad by a Salem medical marijuana dispensary, but airs the CBS series "Limitless," where the main character uses and talks about marijuana use.

The NRA took over the GAOS when a previous owner banned AR-15s that caused an exhibitor walkout and show cancelation in 2013. It will be held this year from February 6th through the 14th in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Around 200,000 attendees are expected.

Photo: Flip Board, Lough Borough Inn

Comcast makes NRA edit advertisements.

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