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College Student Shares Culinary Creation On Social Media - Heads Explode

As long as there are broke college students, there will be questionable culinary creations. The list is long and nauseating, and it gets bigger by the day. In today’s always-connected world, they’re no longer just the stuff of legend either.

It’s pretty easy to share these creations, and that happens all the time. Once in a while, there’s one that captures the imagination of the masses. This is one of those times.

As Today shares, a college student from Iowa State University has created quite a stir online. Chris Jorgensen, a sophomore, was feeling hungry one day. As most college students do, he made do with what he had on hand.

In his case, he had strawberry pop tarts and cheese. It’s unclear how much brainstorming he did, but he would eventually come up with the idea to combine them to make a rather interesting grilled cheese.

He would share a snap of his treat, and he caused quite a ruckus after doing so. Jorgensen would imply that it was some kind of local delicacy, but that note wouldn’t go over too well with local residents.

“You ain’t from Iowa if you never had one of these,” he wrote.

So did he actually eat this monstrosity? According to some comments he dropped on the Des Moines Register after becoming an internet sensation, his roommates had a simple requirement before they would allow him to post this crime against culinary sensibility: he had to take a bite.

Jorgensen did just that, and he gleefully posted away from that point. The photo of his creation was quickly a hit beyond his wildest dreams. His post generated more than one thousand comments, but one from the ISU campus police stole the show.

“You’re under arrest,” the department wrote.

There were scores of other users that would also chime in with their displeasure, including the aforementioned local residents. Many were taken aback at the thought of their culinary contributions to society being dragged through the mud as a result of the hot mess that Jorgensen had come up with.

“I'm from Iowa and will not allow our good name to be besmirched by this food monstrosity,” shared one user.

“On behalf of iowa, this man is not from iowa. passing to wisconsin since they’re the cheese state,” wrote one commenter.

Jorgensen would also offer up what drove him to come up with this creation, and it certainly sounds like he put his thinking cap on.

“I thought: ‘What could be the grossest thing I could put between two Pop-Tarts?’” he said. “So I went to the fridge and got a cheese slice.”

We can safely anticipate a ton of copycats to follow Jorgensen’s pop tart grilled cheese, and the possibilities are both intriguing and frightening. It’s not too hard to envision plenty of minds at work trying to come up with a way to top this, and it won’t be too long until another one captures the imagination.

Until then, you’re not alone if you suddenly have less of a desire for cheese or pop tarts.

Source: Daily Dot, Today
Photos: Twitter, Evan-Amos/Wikimedia, Pixabay

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