Coconut Oil Is Great For You, BUT Did You Know It Could Do This

What doesn’t coconut oil do? That’s probably the harder question, so we’ll just tell you what all the amazing things it can do that you probably haven’t heard about yet.

The Hearty Soul recently published an amazing list of 125 uses for coconut oil. We thought we were in the know when it came to coconut oil, however this article completely blew our minds. Before we tell you some of our favorites from the list, we wanted to tell you what it is about coconut oil that makes it so magical.

The flesh of a coconut, or C. Nucifera if you’re into science, is super high in healthy fatty acids and is made up of 90% of medium-chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs). MCFAs can be easily digested, absorbed and used by the body and brain for energy.

It’s also a good anti-carcinogenic, and prevents the spread of cancer cells and boosts the immune system; anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and improves nutrient absorption.

Here are some ways coconut oil can be used:

- To fade age spots
- As aftershave
- As a body scrub when mixed with salt
- To enhance healing, reduce swelling of bruises
- To heal bug bites
- To soothe burns
- As chapstick
- To heal cradle cap
- For dandruff

Source: The Hearty Soul
Photo: Pinterest

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