NFL Coach's Shirt Causes Major Stir. Is it Really a Big Deal?

All sorts of things spark outrage in today’s day and age. Things that would once not even so much as raise an eyebrow can be quickly met with scorn, and it sometimes seems like you need a manual to keep up with what’s considered right versus what’s considered wrong.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, check out this non-story about a ‘controversy’ New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick recently caused.

Belichick had the audacity to wear a shirt that’s pro-military, and that was enough to make a number of liberal heads explode with shock and indignation.

“A picture of Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is causing a stir on social media because of his outfit. Quite a few people have taken offense at this,” IJR reports. “In an Esquire piece titled 'Bill Belichick's Off-Season Look Is Basically Breitbart In Margaritaville,' Luke O'Neil writes: 'While the original Life Is Good designs are about the chill-bro vibes of tossing a frisbee on the beach, this is a much darker state of affairs: Watching a dog maul a brown-skinned, presumably Muslim man, is supposed to be … delightful?'"

The scene on Belichick’s shirt does portray a military scene, but O’Neil’s interpretation is a wee bit on the dramatic side. This ‘presumably Muslim man’ in the scene just so happens to be holding a rifle as well.

You see, the scene is meant as a commentary on what soldiers in battle zones have to deal with. Yes, that can be a ‘darker state of affairs’ than what goes on from behind a keyboard, but the world is not exactly full of unicorns and daffodils.

In fairness to O’Neil, many other commenters felt the need to hit dramatic tones while discussing Belichick’s shirt.

“This is a very interesting shirt that Patriots GM Bill Belichick has on. It reminds me of that video of a police dog mauling a Black man,” shared one user.

“Why doesn't Belichick just wear a shirt that reads "Abu Ghraib Spring Break"?” shared another user.

The t-shirt is the brainchild of former Navy SEAL Jim Amann. It has no affiliation with the Life is Good brand. Amann’s company, Trident K9 LLC, provides police and military K9 equipment and training. Turns out that his shirt has gained quite a bit of traction in the wake of Belichick wearing it.

Much to the consternation of those that insist on making something out of nothing, the shirt is now sold out. Amman plans to donate all profits to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

“It's a worthwhile charity, and I don't want to make a profit here,” he said. “It’s always great to see someone who is respected to support our troops in any way. He’s well known for being a supporter of the military, and I think that’s great.”

In a way, we can thank the commenters that expressed such shock and indignation for actually leading to something good for once. That being said, we’ll still keep our fingers crossed that the faux outrage will be reserved for situations that actually deserve it.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Twitter, Keith Allison/Wikimedia, WEBN-TV/Flickr

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