Church Shocked By What They Found Inside A Home Donated To Them

A church was not shocked when a long-time member passed away and left his home to the congregation. The man had never been married and never had children. He was an only child so he had no siblings or nieces and nephews. It was the people in the church who became his real family. They planned his funeral and were the ones left grieving for him.

They were shocked, however, by what they found in his home.

Dennis Erickson, 69, didn't just leave his modest home to his church. He left everything inside of it to them-- and what he had inside was worth a fortune. He was a collector of all things cars.

Lisa Lundstrom, church financial officer, was the first to go inside and check out the church's inheritance. She had no idea what was waiting for her. She was shocked to find cars everywhere. They filled every room-- even the bathroom. Every surface was covered with miniatures; every room had wall-to-wall shelves for models.

Erickson had file cabinets stashed with vintage car catalogues, ads and brochures. Even his garage held classic cars in mint condition. All in all, the collection of 30,000 pieces is expected to sell for well into six figures.

“I believe that using the gift that Dennis gave to impact future generations is exactly the way he would have wanted it to be,” said Pastor Derrick Ross.

What the church members say they’ll remember most about Erickson, however, is not the cars or the money they fetched; but his huge heart. That is priceless.