Christian School Bans Teen from Prom Due to Mesh Cut-Outs in Dress

Prom night is an important night that many teens look forward to for months. After all the preparation that goes into planning and getting ready for the prom, nothing could be more devastating to a teen than being stopped at the door and told they're not allowed in.

That happened to one young girl when she tried to attend a prom at a Christian school. It all came down to her dress, which was deemed 'inappropriate' by the adult chaperones.

Louisiana teen Josie Reason got a promposal from Christian, her co-worker. The cheesy invitation came in the form of a pizza. Written on the inside of the box it read, "I know this is cheesy but prom?"

Josie agreed. She and her mother, Rebecca, went shopping immediately to find just the right dress. Since her date Christian attended a Christian school, Josie wanted to make sure that her dress would be acceptable. Josie and Rebecca went through a number of dresses, dismissing them for showing too much cleavage, too much leg, or being too slinky.

“Josie is pretty conservative and since the prom was at a Christian school, she was concerned about looking appropriate,” said Rebecca to Yahoo Lifestyle.

“My only rule was to find a dress that could easily pass at church,” says Rebecca. The pair found the perfect look: a $400 gown with a black-and-white floral shirt and a fitted top with cut-out panels covered by mesh."

Even then, the mother and daughter wanted to make sure that the dress would be an appropriate choice. They called Christians mother to ask her opinion.

“I texted photos of the dress to Christian’s mom to make sure it was decent and we could coordinate about the corsage colors,” says Rebecca. “She agreed it was pretty.”

Christians mother even called the school to double-check. The school's prom dress code says that there should be no cut-outs that expose the midriff, but when Christian's mother called, the school said that it was okay if there was mesh covering the cut-outs.

On prom night, Christian and Josie looked great. They coordinated their outfits, posed for pictures and were dropped off by a stretch limo. When they arrived, however, Josie was refused entrance because of the sheer cut-outs.

A teacher said if they two wanted to go in, they would have to walk to a Walmart 40 minutes away and buy a belt, or some other garment to cover the waistline. Alternatively, the teacher said, Josie could wear Christian's jacket all night.

Christian, on principle, refused to cover Josie up in his jacket. He told the teacher that many girls inside were wearing far more revealing dresses than Josie, and that his date was being singled out.

The distraught teen called her mother. Rebecca is furious. “I feel they treated Josie unfairly because she doesn’t attend Christian’s school," she complained.

Christian's mom ultimately picked them up and tried to help salvage the night by taking them out to dinner. The couple plans to go to Josie's prom in a public school.

Rebecca is planning to be pro-active this time. “I’m making Josie a ‘prom care package’ with a needle and thread, a marker, scissors, a measuring tape, and a belt,” she says, adding that the kit can be shared with girls who unknowingly violate the dress code.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

Source: Yahoo
Photos: Rebecca Reason via Yahoo

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