Did Your Dinner Come From China? You Might Be Surprised - And Should Be Careful

As an American, when you go to the grocery store to buy food and probably don't think that much about where it started. If you're health-conscious, your focus might be more on the calories, fat and carbohydrate content of any given item rather than the producer or supplier of the food.

What you may not realize is that a lot of your food probably comes from China, where safety regulations aren't as strict.

'Made in China' is a common label that you'll find on goods in malls across the nation, but you rarely consider that the same label could easily apply to some of your favorite foods. The reason many retailers order things from China instead of buying it here in the U.S.A. is because it's cheaper.

Naturally, it's cheaper for a reason: there are fewer restrictions to ensure the safety and quality of products in China than there are in America. There are some foods that you might think are good for you, but they are questionable.

Fish, for one thing, is a product that you probably want to avoid from China. Farmed tilapia and cod fish in China is among the least expensive sea food offerings in American grocery stores, and many budget-minded cooks who want to offer a healthy meal to a family will snap them up when they're on sale.

However, these fish are farmed in disgusting pools full of fish waste, and feed on tainted food in those waters.

In China, seafood farmers won't let their own kids eat seafood. That should tell you something.

Chicken that comes from China are also a concern that most people don't think about. China uses more pesticides than any other country in the world, and their chickens are polluted with it. There are also server problems with avian influenza and other food poisonings in Chinese-imported chicken.

If you love to grab the cheap salt and pepper containers in the dollar store, you might want to rethink the value you're getting. One vendor was found filling their black pepper containers with ground mud, and their white pepper containers with flour.

The salt found in the containers is not safe, either; it's industrial salt being sold as table salt.

You're definitely not safe in the produce department when it comes to Chinese imports. Between the heavy use of pesticides and chemical processes, it not only affects the safety of the foods, but the taste.

Because the label 'organic' isn't regulated, many of these items are sold with the 'organic' label.

Possibly the most shocking reports are about something that is a staple in many kitchens: rice. According to many sources, some Chinese imported rice isn’t rice at all, or isn’t all rice.

It’s expensive to grow rice, so suppliers may make a potato and plastic mixture that is shaped like white rice. Yes, you read that right: plastic.

If you’re the type of person who is worried about pouring their child’s drink into BPA-free cups, imagine your whole family eating ground, molded plastic factory leftovers.  

Do a little research on your favorite products to ensure they're coming from a safe, preferably U.S., source.

Source: The Hearty Soul
Photos: Business Insider, Free2barredo/Wikimedia, Krista/Flickr, Why Don't You Try This, Max Pixel

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